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Weekly News & EQs

**No Vocabulary, Spelling, or other homework this week!

Optional: If your child wants to continue earning Reading Log prizes, he or she may choose to turn the log in through the end of this week. :)

Thursday morning is our Awards Day at 8:30! We hope to see you here!


How can I review and enrich what I have learned this year in 4th Grade?

Please note: I'm sending out our last Homework Sheet this week. (See below if you haven't seen the sheet in your child's Planner.)

Thank you to these folks who have sent in a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the last Report Card!

  • Krysta, Anna, Bree, Abbie, Kaizer, Paul, and Amity!

Thank you to these folks who have sent in their $2.00 for our 4th Grade Party on Friday!

  • Bree, Ajunai, Danielle, Ellie, Kaizer, Kaizer, Madison, Demarcus, Bailey, Paul, and Amity!
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