...and T.I.A.

What is T.I.A.?

T.I.A. First off, stands for "This Is Africa" and that basically means that what happens in Africa is the way of life there and it always will be. With either the government and all the people that live there. And that there is no changing Africa.
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Mad Scramble!

Basically every country wanted a piece of Africa.

For example; Europeans took control of African countries more rapidly than anywhere else on the globe. Africa had no protection form any country invading them. They had no guns. They were defenseless in Africa. That WAS Africa (T.I.A.) They were just weak and couldn't do anything about it.

And because of all that there was colonization.

  • Children soldiers
  • Slavery
  • Children don't go to school
  • No jobs


Slavery was a very "high rolling" "business" in Africa during that time because all these countries were capturing them to be used to find the diamonds and because of their positions, they didn't have to care for the slaves, feed the slaves, or pay them.

The slaves were treated very horribly and didn't have little to any freedom. In the time, people were PROPERTY... TO OTHER PEOPLE.!

And if any slave was to go against what either a country said or R.U.F. leader or whom ever, they were just shot. Boom. Dead. Goodbye, not needed anymore.

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Blood Diamonds 💎

Blood Diamonds, also known as conflict diamonds, are a rough diamond mined in an area controlled by insurgent forces whose sale is used to finance anti-government military action. Conflict diamonds are definitely a different kind of diamond compared to any normal small diamond that might found.

A Pink Blood Diamond

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A regular Blood Diamond

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