December 9th CORE Weekly Reminders

Please be sure to read through all of this IMPORTANT info!

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RADIX! If you want to go to RADIX, please add to your account ASAP! We are in the process of determining which dances will be taken. Your deadline is Friday, the 11th at 5pm!

Upcoming Guest Classes, Rehearsals, Master Classes & Modified Schedules. PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY, THERE HAVE BEEN SOME MODIFICATIONS.

12/9 - Wednesday

4:00-8:15 Core and Fusion Holiday Movie Night

** All Core Classes will be CANCELLED**

11/11- Friday

6:00-7:00 Jason J Jr

12/12 - Saturday - Times have changed and rehearsals/classes have been cancelled.

9:15-10:30 Advanced Variations -CANCELLED*

9:15-10:15 Mini MT

10:15-11:15 jr HH Production

10:30-11:30 Sr HH Production- cancelled*

11:30-1:00 Angela Production- cancelled*

11:15 -1:00 jr jazz line

12:00-1:00 Hoofers


2:00-3:00 beats/percussion small

2:00-3:00 Style Tap

3:00-4:00 Jason J Jr

12/13-Sunday - Cary Academy Tech Rehearsal

11:30-12:10pm Dancer Arrival/ Warm up

12:10-12:20 Beats/Percussion small

12:20-12:30 style class

12:30-12:45 Jason Jr tap

12:40-12:55 mini hh large

1:10-1:25 spirit jazz

1:25-1:35 beats tap

1:50-2:05 Misha jr

2:25-2:40 Mini MT

2:55-3:05 Jr Jazz Line

3:35-3:50 Jr HH production

4:05-4:20 Randi and Hefa Teen

5:25-5:40 Anthony large

5:50-6:05 Jaci Teen

6:20-6:35 Kristin S lyrical

6:50-7:05 Kirsten Teen

Monday Dec 14th - Cary Academy Tech Rehearsal - * SPIRIT/STYLE will have regular classes*

5:00-5:30 Dancer arrival/warm up- in lobby - theater is being used.

5:30-5:40 Kirsten sr small

5:40-5:50 Ashley jr line

5:50-6:00 Randi and Hefa SR HH

6:00-6:10 power/force small

6:10-6:20 Lauren SR

6:20-6:30 Anthony/Jason Collab

6:30-6:50 Angela SR Production

6:50-7:00 Kirsten Force/Vitality line

7:00-7:15 Jason Teen

7:15-7:25 Hoofers

7:25-7:35 Sr HH production

7:35-7:45 Rythm/Hoofers Large(Jason)

7:45-7:50 Acro warm up

7:50-8:00 Sr Acro

8:00-8:15 Jr acro

8:15-8:25 Al large

8:25-8:35 power jazz class

8:35-8:45 Jess

8:45-9:00 Vitality small

9:00-9:10 Misha SR

9:10-9:20 Force/Vitality Justin line

9:30-9:45 Kirsten sr large

9:45-10:00 percussion class

10:00-10:10 Nick large

10:10-10:20 Martha

10:20-10:30 Travis

12/15 - Tuesday

Secret Santa exchange in Jazz and silly gift exchange in Tap

12/16 - Wednesday

7:15-8:30 Jr Guest - Improv

8:30-9:45 Sr Guest - Improv

12/18 - Friday

7:00- 10:00 Class of 2016 -TBD**could be earlier**

12/19 - Saturday

10:30-4:00 Class of 2016- TBD

12/20 - 1/03


12/21 - Monday

9:00-3:00 Holiday Shop & Drop

*Sonya can no longer come the week of January 17th, we are looking at new dates. We will let you know ASAP.

**We are still waiting to hear Mandy Moore's availability. We will keep you posted!**

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Below is a list of the upcoming Auto Bills. Please be sure to refer to your Cumulative Fee Chart or view your online account for a full listing of your charges.

Tuesday, 12/15

Velocity - Myrtle Beach, SC - Feb 5-7

Mandatory for All Companies

Convention Fee $235

Entry Fees $40/dance

*Dances Attending - All Core Dances will be attending. Fyi - as we do not have #932 Soul Jazz scheduled we will be holding off on charging this entry fee until further notice.

WCDE - Greenville, SC - Feb 12-14

Mandatory - Style, Spirit, Beats, Percussion, Power, Vitality, Force

Optional - Rhythm, Pulse, Soul, Hoofers

Convention - $235

Entry Fees - $48/dance

*Dances Attending - #901 - Style Tap, #902 - Beats, #903 - Spirit Jazz #904 Beats/Percussion small, #905 Power Class, #906 Force/Vitality Kirsten, #907 Vitality small, #908Force/Power small, #909Mini HH large, #910 Jr HH prod. #912 Percussion Tap, #913 Jason Janas Jr Tap, #914 Mini Musical Theatre, #915 Force/Vitality MT line, #916 Jr Acro, #917 Ashley Jr line, #941 Misha Jr, #942 Jr jazz line

*NOT Attending - #911 Randi/Hefa Teen HH

Radix - Atlanta, GA - Feb 19-21

Mandatory - Rhythm, Pulse, Hoofers, Soul

Optional - Style, Spirit, Beats, Percussion, Power, Vitality, Force

Convention - Jr's $225, Teen/Sr's $245

Entry Fees - $50/dance

Dances Attending - #899 - Islands, #900 - Jess Small, #911 Randi/Hefa Teen HH #918 - Sr Acro, #919 - Hoofers Tap, #920 - Hoofers/Rhythm Small, #921 - Anthony Large, #922 - Anthony/Jason Collab, #923 - Kirsten Sr Small, #924 - Kirsten Sr Lrg, #925 - Nick Jazz, #926 - Angela Sr Production, #927 - Randi/Hefa Sr HH Large, #928 - Jason Teen Large, #929 - Martha HH Production, #930 - Lauren Large, #933 - Travis, #934 - Al Teen Large MT, #935 - Jaci Teen, #936 - Kristin S Cont/Lyr, #937 - Class of 2016, #938 - Misha Teen, #939 - Kirsten Teen, #940 - Martha Small

Added to attend - #913 - Jason J Jr, Sonya's dance will be attending

On Hold - #932 - Soul Jazz

NEW Residency Auto bill for:

Kristin Sudeikis/Al Blackstone/Robert Green/Ashley Lindsey Residency

Spirit: $25

Power/Force/Vitality: $30

Pulse/Soul: $55

2016 Auto Bills - per Cumulative Fee Chart

*Please check your account for specific amounts. More details will be added to the Weeklies closer to the auto bill dates

Friday, 1/01

January Tuition

NextStar - Wilmington, NC - Feb 26-28 - *NEW AUTO BILL DATE*

Solo Entry Fee - $105

Duet (Per Person) Entry Fee - $65

Trio (Per Person) Entry Fee - $45

*Please note - all members of your Duet/Trio must be registered and paid before your entry will be submitted.

Sonya Tayeh Master Classes *TBD DEPENDING ON NEW DATES*

This cost has changed from cumulative fee chart as her class has moved from a weekday to the weekend.

Spirit/Power $30 - Sunday, 1/17 11:00-12:00pm

Force/Vitality $35 - Sunday, 1/17 12:00-1:15pm

Pulse/Soul $35 - Sunday, 1/17 1:30-3:00pm

January 15th - Music Fees, Travel Fees, Rehearsal Fees, Nuvo Convention & Entry Fees, Star Systems Entry Fees (S/D/T) & Star Power Entry Fees (S/D/T,) Pulse Atlanta Convention fee & entry fee TBD

February 1st - Tuition

February 15th - Prop Fees (TBD), Prop Travel (TBD), Onstage Entry Fees (S/D/T), NYCDA Convention Fees & Entry Fees, 24 Seven Convention & Entry Fees, Star Quest Entry Fees (S/D/T)

March 1st - Tuition

March 15th - Showstopper Entry Fees (S/D/T), Totally Tap In-House Convention Fees, Summer Dance Intensive (Deposit - TBD), Nationals Fees (TBD)

April 1st - Tuition

April 15th - Summer Dance Intensive (TBD)

May 1st - Tuition

May 15th - Summer Dance Intensive (TBD)

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New CC gear!

Lots of $5 clearance

Gift certificates available

Christmas bows

Christmas earrings

All shorts and tops 2 for $25


The Carolina Ballet has launched a pilot program that offers free tickets to all high school students with a valid student ID.

The new program kicks off this weekend with the ballet company's performances of Beethoven: Symphony No. 9. It's followed by the ballet's Shakespeare series, which is scheduled for this coming winter and spring. That's when the company will join an international celebration marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death with four productions based on his plays and sonnets.

The performances take place in downtown Raleigh at the Duke Energy Center for Performing Arts. Here are the shows that high school students can attend for free:

Loves Speaks - Feb. 4 to Feb. 21

Tempest Fantasy - March 3 to March 20

Macbeth (world premiere) - April 14 to April 17

George Balanchine's A Midsummer Night's Dream - May 12 to May 15

Here's the fine print: All tickets are based on availability for select performances at the discretion of Carolina Ballet. Students can call the Carolina Ballet Box Office at 919-719-0900 to reserve a seat. The tickets will be held at the will call window at the theater. Students must present a valid student ID to pick up their ticket. Students may also get their tickets at the theater on the day of the show one hour before curtain.

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Important Reminders...

Costume spreadsheet- This will be emailed to you with a comprehensive look at what we will be providing and what you will need to purchase for each of your dances. The spreadsheet will also have the new dance names. Please be on the lookout!


*You have been emailed a specific schedule for Cary Academy

SUNDAY Dec 13th rehearsal instructions:

If your stage time is prior to 1:00pm on Sunday please arrive at 11:30am. If your onstage time is after 1:00pm, your call time is 1.5 hours before your stage time. Please report to your parent rep in the BLACK BOX area. All CORE members must wear black booty shorts, a crop top/leotard, proper undergarments and bring a pair of black leggings just in case. If you already have your costume, Christy will predesignate one person to wear it. If your dance costumes have not been passed out, your parent rep will have one costume and give it to the dancer wearing it onstage. Please understand that this tech rehearsal is closed to parents, siblings, and all other non CC and Company dancers. There is a strict no food policy in the theater at all times. Your dancer is allowed to leave after the completion of their last dance.

MONDAY DEC. 14th rehearsal instructions:

Please arrive at 5:00pm and report to your parent rep in the lobby of the theater, the black box is being occupied until 5:30pm. If your onstage time is after 6:30pm, your call time is 1.5hrs prior to your onstage time. CORE members must wear black booty shorts, black crop top/leotard, proper undergarments and bring a pair of black leggings just in case. If you already have your costume, Christy will predesignate one person to wear it. If your dance costumes have not been passed out, your parent rep will have one costume and give it to the dancer wearing it onstage. Please understand that this tech rehearsal is closed to parents, siblings, and all other non CC and Company dancers. There is a strict no food policy in the theater at all times. Your dancer is allowed to leave after the completion of their last dance.

Jazz Secret Santa AND Tap Gag Gift info:

Secret Santa is BACK!! Woo hoo!

WE would like to clarify the Secret Santa and Silly Gift Process for both Tap and Jazz classes for anyone who is doing this for the first time or needs a reminder. This is how the gifts work:

For JAZZ companies: The kids have already chosen their secret santas. Shhh dancers, don't tell!!! Dancers are to MAKE a gift for the person they chose. It can be a picture, a bracelet, baked goods, whatever they want. Remember that you can make it personal if your person has listed a favorite color, music group etc. Limit: $10! You will wrap your gift and PUT YOUR PERSONS NAME ON IT and sign it "From your Secret Santa." The day of the Party (Tues,December 15th) There will be bins outside of Summers office that they can put their present in so no one knows who its from.

-If you think for some reason you will be late, or miss the class, please bring your gift ahead of time so you person will have something to open

FOR TAP COMPANIES: This is a Silly "Grab Bag" Gift for Tuesday December 15th. This is NOT a secret Santa gift. Limit $10. Simply bring a wrapped, fun, silly present to class that night. Emily will collect them and assign numbers to the gifts. The kids will then draw numbers and get the assigned present, as long as its not their own. Please make sure it is a store bought gift. The seniors go a little overboard with the silliness of this gift but we want it to be fair for the younger companies. If you forget to bring a gift, you simply will not open one.

Mandatory solo/duet/trio rehearsals prior to competition- Please hold Jan 8-10 and 29-31 to rehearse your solo/duet/trio with a staff member. Summer will be emailing all the details.

STARQUEST MOCK COMPETITION - Please hold January 22 for Starquest Mock Competition. The competition will be held at Reynolds Industries Theatre at Duke University, 125 Science Dr, Durham, NC 27708. Schedule for the day is TBD. Continue to hold January 23, for a dress rehearsal at the studio.

SONYA TAYEH- Sonya can no longer come the week of January 17th, her new dates are TBD

COSTUME PASS OUT - January 11th from 4:15-7:15 ** new day and time**

Hold January 13th for Martha to finish the Production *new time*

January 15th-17th - NO EXCEPTIONS! Please still hold January 22nd-24th as needed.

TRAVELING? Be sure to keep any complimentary samples that are left in the hotel. We will be collecting year round and donating to the Rescue Mission. Donations will me collected in the lobby.

BUDDY BOARD - CORE/FUSION - We know that you may not get to see your buddies as often as you would like due to schedules, so with the help of Fusion parent Mandee Cottrell we have placed a "Buddy Board" in the Studio 4/5 lobby. Each month will have a theme and you will be able to leave messages for your buddy thought the week! Be sure to show your buddy some love!!


We are definitely attending Nationals! Woo hoo!! We will have more cost info in the next weeklies.

A detailed rehearsal schedule will be sent out closer to the dates. For now, please hold the week of May 16th-19th and June 21st-30th.

You are now enrolled in the Dance Awards 2016 class. Through this outlet, you will receive emails, rehearsal information and other notices in regards to nationals. We are looking into fundraising opportunities and will keep you posted.

Also in the works is a Cruise ship performance while we are in Orlando! The dancers will have the opportunity to perform a 30 minute showcase as we enjoy traveling over the course of four days. Moving forward, information will be mailed out via each class that has signed up rather than being passed through the weeklies.

CC & Co Alumni - Look what they are up to now!

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Margaret Jones Class of 2011

Margaret graduated from UNCSA this past Spring. Recently, she completed work for the Annual Advent concert for Marbie Collegiate. Currently, in rehearsal for a performance at Lincoln Center as part of her Lincoln Center Fellowship. Later this month, she will begin working with Gaspard & Dancers for a show for APAP and an upcoming tour to Wilmington, NC!