Being the President

Why was is it so hard to be President during the early years


It was hard to be the President during the early years of our country because of many decisions they had to make. Some of these decisions were concerning International relations like The French Revolution and events happening in our own country like the republicans and federalists.

War Debt

Since we just got out of a major war, we had a lot of debt. It didn't help that Great Britain and France got into a war. Since we were allies with France we had to aid them. Even though we didn't really have a lot of money to begin with.

International Relations

Since we were friends with France and they were in a war with Great Britain we aided them. But they started to take our merchant ships that were on their way to Great Britain. The president sent a group of peace makers to France to stop this and it worked. A treaty was made between us and France.

Native Americans

Since the United States was becoming more populated, we were pushing Native Americans out of their homeland. The Trail of Tears was the path they took to leave everything behind that they had made. All their homes were lost, all their culture gone. Some tribes fought back. The Shawnee warriors lead by Tecumseh fought against the militia in Indiana lead by Governor William Henry Harrison in the battle of Tippecanoe Creek.

Internal Divisions

Washington's army was disbanded because the government didn't have enough money to fund the troops. British troops were still in the Ohio Valley but but a treaty was made and they left. Also no other ships would come to the U.S. or leave, but some U.S. ships were allowed to go to other U.S. ports. This was the embargo act and it made about 55,000 men loose their jobs.

George Washington First President

When George Washington was president he faced many hard obstacles. He was very nervous because the first congress was divided about how strong the national government should be. It was hard because he had to come up with some sort of compromise. Washington also had to create the executive departments. This made it difficult to be president because there were many debates about what kind of departments there should be and how much power each would hold. Washington's army was disbanded because we didn't have enough money to fund an army. This was difficult for him because he couldn't have any protection against potential enemies. Also we wouldn't be able to help French in their revolution. In the French Revolution Washington wanted to help them like they helped us but federalists were strongly against it. This made it difficult for the president because we needed to help them and if we didn't then they might not be our allies anymore.

John Adams Second President

While the French and Great Britain were in a war France started to take control of our ships headed to England. Adams had to send a few peacemakers to France to make amends and a treaty. They were successful. This was called the XYZ Affair. This was difficult for the president because we were loosing ships and goods that would help the economy. John Adams was the first president to move to Washington D.C. and live in the White House. This was difficult because he had to start up the government in a whole new city and the house wasn't even finished when he was living there.

Thomas Jefferson Third President

Thomas Jefferson was the first (and last) president to be running in an election that ended in an exact tie. This was hard for him because this had never happened before and he didn't know what to do. To make sure this would never happen again the 12th amendment was added to the Constitution prevent ties in future elections. Jefferson brought the idea of an embargo, this would halt trading with any other nations. This was a hard decision because he was deciding to stop importing goods and exporting goods for money. This decision could have greatly affect the economy. In 1803 Great Britain was at war with France again and they again began capturing American ships, this was hard for Jefferson because his ships were being taken and he couldn't really do anything about it because the ships were just being taken over.