The Housewife's Monologue



This is the story of newlyweds Jake and Lacey, who are learning the ropes of being a married couple. Focusing on their first year of marriage and Lacey's attempts to run her own household and her need to be independent despite John's wish that she not work. On top of all this, Lacey must deal with her overexcited mother-in-law, obsessed with beauty, and Jake's perfect sister, Kate.

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Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 at 9pm

1150 Kentucky 393

Buckner, KY

Character List

Lacey Smith- An independent newlywed who wants nothing more than to please her husband and his family. Kind, caring, and beautiful, it's easy to see why Jake loves her.

Jake Smith- a hard-working businessman and loving husband to wife, Lacey. Firmly believes that women should not work if they're married.

Shelia Smith- Caring, but judge mental mom to Jake and Kate, who believes that Lacey is not good enough for her perfect son. She is constantly thwarting Lacey's attempts to be a good wife. She is also obsessed with superficial perfection.

Kate Carter- Jake's supermodel housewife sister who seems to have trouble choosing between her brother and her mother.