Slavery in the United States

By: Alex DuFour


Have you ever wondered what slavery was like? It started with Africans coming over to America by ship and most did not survive the trip. But it all started because of the trade triangle.


The life of a slave is to work from sunrise to sunset. They worked raising stuff like cotton and tobacco. The family's had a chance of being sold away from their family and never seeing them aging. The estimate of being sold is at least once in their lifetime.

The Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman

The person most well known for this is Harriet Tubman. She escaped to freedom using this. She helped free over 300 slaves in 19 trips. She also did it with a $40,000 reward if she was caught. She did all of this in 10 years. Then in the civil war she worked for the union as a cook, nurse, and spy.