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On this flyer there will be info about Poland and things like it's culture and geography.
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It is the 4th most forested country in Europe. Forest covers 30.5 percent of Poland. There are 3 main mountain ranges and they are the Carpathians, the Sudetan Mountains, and the Góry Świętokrzyskie.


Poland is republic. It's system of government is literally called the Republic of Poland. Their leaders name is Andrzej Duda. The law making body is the legislative branch. It is a limited government and Polands rights are similar to the US rights.


The currency is Polish złoty. The GPA per capita is 13,647.96 USD. Poland is poor compared to the US. On a website it shows the GPA per capita for Poland and the US in 1998. Poland had 3,877 GPA per capita when the US had 29,683 for their GPA per capita.

ethnic groups

Kids start school at age 5 or 6. The overall average for both male and female literacy rate is 99.8%. There are the 9 national minorities, 4 ethnic minorities, and the regional linguistic minority.

Religion, Language, Country Flag

Poland is 87.2% Catholic, 1.3% Orthodox, 0.4% Protestant, and other 0.4%. So the major religion is Catholic. Poland mainly speaks Polish. The flag colors are for a White Eagle on a red field. The flag was made August 1, 1919.
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A holiday in Poland is June Solstice. It is celebrated on June 21st.

June Solstice

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