Last updates about Darío T. Villena

- Three months -

Winner 1st edition Startify7 - European Commission

I have been selected for Startify7, within the framework of Horizon 2020 project. An acaemia Internet of things.

The project recieved in July more than 500 soliticitudes and only have selected 90.

In August the selected ones, have traveled to Germany in UnternehmerTUM (one of the best research centers in the world), with unlimited budget, technical resources and access to business contacts. All for launching ideas, do the prototype and constitute.

Only three companies became final. Including ours: Heartbeats. Receiving financial support, offices and mentoring.

The final will be held in Brussels in front of the European Commission in early October.

NewGen is an organization that wants to give voice to young people. Its aim is to show the world inspiring stories of new generations to dispel the myth of the lost generation.

Current situation: • 25% of young Spaniards between 15 and 29 neither study nor work. • 31% have secondary education. • 53.8% of youth unemployment. • 6 in 10 young people are planning to emigrate. • Young people under 25 earn 42% less than average. • 8 out of 10 young people still living with their parents.

Vision: To be the first networking space for young talent in the country. Developing new opportunities year after year.

Mission: Change the image of "Lost Generation" by "New Generation".

Who we are? We are the first national platform that seeks to raise, train and connect the diverse and huge young talent of the new generation.

We are the doctors, artists, athletes, technicians, teachers or lawyers of the future.


Youth: Want to be part of a community of young talents like you? Feel together and find young people with the same values, ambitions and talents?

Mentor: Would you like to teach, accompany and support trusted young talent. Help them to avoid mistakes, show them your experience and learn from them while gaining new ideas, enthusiasm and passion?


M2M Cloud Factory is hiring

The leader in software IoT solutions for which I worked and learned a lot is looking for Product Marketing Manager.