By: Cassidy Teteberg


In Jordan, they have many beautiful handicrafts and their glass blowing art is especially unique and beautiful. The music in Jordan is very traditional and has an Arabic influence. Jordan is an Islam influenced country and it is 92% Muslim. The main language is Arabic. The traditional dress in Jordan is long dresses that are very colorful and fancy.


Several different kingdoms control the area from 2000-1550BC. In 63 BC Rome controls the area of Jordan. The area then goes from Muslim rule to Turkish rule. After World War one Jordan is gained by Britain. Jordan gains freedom from Britain and has its first king in 1950. Jordan and Israel then sign a peace treaty after 27 years. King Abdullah is sworn king.


Jordan is bordered by Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iraq. It has a Mediterranean climate and dry summers and wet winters. Winters are cold and Summers are hot. Most of the country is considered to be a desert terrain.



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Jordan is parliamentary system. The kings name is Abdullah two of Jordan. The prime minister is Abdullah Ensour. They have a multi-party government system. The prime minister is the head of government.