Uplift Hampton Parent Newsletter

May Edition II

The Finish Line to Success

Hi Phoenix Parents -

Whew! We made it to the finish line! Thank you for being flexible, patient, and understanding during this last quarter of school. As we close out the last week of school, we are taking some time to reflect of the good things that happened at Hampton. We hope that you and your scholar take some time and do the same. What goals did you scholar achieve this year? What new goals will you set in place for next year? Both are great questions to guide your conversation. But with a new school year, comes new changes, and with that comes preparation. It won't be long until we are back in the race to success. But first we have to rest up and recharge. Thank you for trusting us with your scholar. We know the journey isn't always easy but its the results that have the lasting impact. Until next year...

Uplift Hampton Admin Team -

Mrs. Parhms, Mrs. Cormier, Mr. Deacon, Mrs. Mangum


A Message from Director Parhms!

Dear UHMS Parents and Guardians:

This year Uplift Hampton Middle School scholars and teachers have had many accomplishments. Thank you for entrusting us with educating your children. It has been a source of pride to serve as the middle school academic director. The culture and climate we are building, the academic growth of our scholars, and the widely diffused leadership I am seeing at many levels is accomplishing what I envisioned it would.

On June 1, 2020 I will return to supporting the Uplift Education primary school academic directors as the Managing Director. Mrs. Cormier, Mrs. Mangum, and Mr. Deacon are continuing at Uplift Hampton as administrators.

With my transition, I am excited to announce that Shana Hawthorne has been named as the Uplift Hampton Middle School director for the 2020-2021 school year. She currently serves as a middle school principal in DeSoto ISD. Mrs. Hawthorne comes to UHMS with a myriad of strengths and over 17 years of experience in education. She produced phenomenal academic results in DeSoto ISD. I am more than confident that Mrs. Hawthorne and the administrative team will continue to foster a culture of academic excellence at UHMS.

Serving as the middle school director and interacting with your children at Uplift Hampton has been as great of an honor as it was a responsibility. While I will miss daily interaction with our wonderful scholars and staff, I have no doubt that our current strong leadership at the administrative, teacher, and parent level will enable this change to be both smooth and beneficial.

Thank you for your continuous support and cooperation.

Educationally yours,

Priscilla Collins - Parhms

Meet Shana Hawthorne our new UHMS Director!

It is with great enthusiasm that I accept the position of Academic Director of Uplift Hampton Middle School. Capitalizing on six years of experience serving as campus principal at the elementary and secondary level, I have acquired hands-on knowledge in leadership and curriculum. At the heart of the matter, I am a dedicated servant leader.

As a principal, I have transformed the educational environment. As such, I am qualified to lead amid a pandemic. In the last three years, my team and I were responsible for turning the lowest performing campus to the highest performing campus. Under my leadership, my previous campus earned distinctions in Academic Achievement in English Language Arts/Reading, Top 25% Comparative Academic Growth, and Top 25% Closing the Gap.

Many describe me as focused, motivating, and inspiring. As a member of the Uplift family, I will bring my passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence. In addition, I will wholeheartedly invest in the success of all stakeholders. I look forward to meeting you.


Shana Hawthorne


Final Grades: Friday, May 15th was the deadline for grades. Scholar were given (2) flex weeks to turn in any missing or unsatisfactory work.

As a reminder, all scholars will be given a letter grade based on their numerical grade in PowerSchool. Each scholar should get one grade for each class based on the participation and work submission.

Here are the ranges that will be followed:

  • E (86-100)
  • S (70-85)
  • N (51-69)
  • I (50 or below)

Summer School

Any scholar who received an "I" or "N" in Reading and/or Math, will be required to attend Summer School in July. If your scholar needs to attend summer school, you will receive a notice from the network and/or your grade level dean.

Summer School Dates are: July 2nd - July 24th.

List of Middle School Summer Programs Offered

  • Summer Enrichment/Self-Paced Math and Reading Acceleration – June 1st -July 2nd
  • Summer School/Math and Reading Immersion Camp – July 6th -July 24th
  • Algebra I Jumpstart – July 6th -July 24th

More Information about Summer School - A message from Yasmin Bhatia


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Returning to Uplift next year?

Hang on to your chromebook and return it to the school when you come back in the fall.

Not returning to Uplift next year?

We will miss you! You will be contacted to schedule a return of your chromebook.


Last Day of School: Friday, May 22nd

First Day of School: Tuesday, August 11th

End of Year (EOY) Celebrations: Are taking place all week long. Be sure to check out your scholars grade level schedule!

6th Grade

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7th Grade

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8th Grade

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Assignment Due Date: All assignments will be to their advisory teacher on the first day of class. Videos with script outline can be submitted early via email.

6th grade – Ms. Lewis – shlewis@uplifteducation.org

7th grade – Ms. Peters – tlambpeters@uplifteducation.org

Ms. Thomas – lthomas@uplifteducation.org

8th grade – Mr. Leonard – xleonard@uplifteducation.org


All scholars must read two of the grade level specific novels and complete the assignments below. All scholars must complete the essay portion for one of their book selections and chose an additional assignment for full credit. Assignment options will provide scholars with an opportunity to create and express their understanding of the themes presented throughout a variety of works of literature.

Essay: Scholars will write a literary analysis of the book. The essay should have a total of five paragraphs including the following:

  • Introduction: Brief summary of the book with thesis statement that includes what will be discussed in body paragraphs.
  • Body Paragraph #1: Character/s development; explain how the main character/s change throughout the novel.
  • Body Paragraph #2: Author’s use of literary elements; explain why the author uses symbolism, metaphors, similes, etc.
  • Body Paragraph #3: Themes presented in the book with text evidence to support.
  • Conclusion: Provide strong memorable closing that restates thesis.
  • Diary: Scholar will create 3 diary entries for a character of their choosing. Diary entry will need to be written in first person.

(6th grade requirement 6-8 sentences minimum per diary entry)

(7th grade requirement 10-12 sentences minimum per diary entry)

(8th grade requirement 12-15sentences minimum per diary entry)

Collage/ Drawing: Scholars will create a collage, or drawing, that represents their book. This can be completed with pictures from magazines, newspapers, digital, or drawn. Scholars are to write two paragraphs explaining their collage/ drawing.

  • Additional Chapter/ Alternate Ending: Scholars will create an additional chapter, or alternate ending, to be included in the book. Scholars need to ensure that the additional chapter, or alternate ending, is still written in the same point of view (first or third person)

Video: Scholars will create a video review similar to YouTube reviews. Scholars will summarize the book, discuss themes presented, and finally provide a review on what type of audience would benefit from reading the book. Scholar will also submit a scripted outline that they will use when presenting video.
  • Summary (5-6 sentences)
  • Themes (3-4 sentences explaining the themes presented)
  • Audience (2-3 sentences addressing best audience for the book)

Community Announcements

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Counselor's Corner - Ms. Jackson

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