OP Newsletter #1: Welcome to 2016

Everything you need to know for OP implementation

This is a new AIESEC US

Hey MOGX Nation!!

I hope that everyone had an AMAZING time at WNC (and that the people who weren't able to come had amazing holidays as well!) The conference was truly incredible for me and I know I speak for my whole team when I say that we feel so lucky that we got to spend it with you guys. I've never seen a generation more on fire or more ready to grow disruptively this summer than generation 2016. It's a good time to be in AIESEC and I am already so so excited to work with all of you this year!

For those of you who missed it, MOGX is making big moves this spring by aligning our OGX processes with the global direction of AIESEC. This WNC, your LCPs voted unanimously to remove the raise fee, ultimately shifting our outgoing exchange operations to be more customer focused, emphasizing the value we know our exchanges have the potential to deliver.

2016 is a big year and I am so proud to see AIESEC United States taking brave action to lead the AIESEC network and set the tone for 2020 achievement. There is a lot of stuff changing within MOGX so stay tuned, read on, and be brave. I can't wait to navigate this journey with you and I can't wait to see the AIESEC US that I know and love smashing through barriers this summer to finally realize all of the potential that we know we have.





OMG it's live already!

H*ll yeah it is! After the legislation was passed on January 1st, 2016, Adry and I removed the initial payment approval stage from the Opportunities Portal. As of January 1, your EPs can apply for opportunities at any time, anywhere, without requiring LC approval.

There are three main changes to be aware of:

1. No more raise fee. The total exchange fee will be paid in full upon match.

2. No more FluidReview. All local level operations will switch to full implementation of the Opportunities Portal (opportunities.aiesec.org). A portion of the cost of FluidReview will be reallocated to AIESEC International where it will help pay for faster development of EXPA and the OP.

3. No more interviews. Because we are opening up the Opportunity Portal and removing the raise fee, your EPs can apply to TNs whenever, wherever. This will drastically increase the volume of people going through our systems and effectively reduces the necessity for an interview process. This does not mean that OGX teams will never talk to their EPs, in fact greater contact and servicing is a requirement in this new customer flow. Effectively this just means that AIESEC US will no longer "accept" or "reject" people from our services. #AccessibleToEveryoneEverywhere

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Check out these links for detailed information about the Customer Flow Refresh:

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So, how do I track my EPs?

If you went to WNC you should be familiar with the LC Master Planning & Tracking Tool. If you weren't, that's okay; ask your LCP to walk you through it.

Since EXPA doesn't have the best tracking and sorting abilities yet, it is crucial that you track your EPs on your LC tool here (please open the link to check it out). It should be pretty self explanatory, but please ask if you have any questions!

Important points of note:

We will now be tracking according to the language used on OP 2.0:

Open = leads who have created an account on the OP

Applied = EPs that have clicked the "apply" button on at least on opportunity on OP, think of this as the new "raise"

Accepted = EPs that have been accepted to the opportunity on OP by the opportunity manager

Approved*** = EPs that have signed their AN and been approved by the OGX team, think of this as the new "match"

Realized = 1st day of EPs work abroad

Complete = 1st day after the EPs opportunity ends

***Please note that this stage won't appear on your EXPA "My EPs" page, but it will show up in your analytics so it's important to keep track of

So, what about my EPs on FluidReview?

Fluid Review will still be live for the month of January, however it will not be attached to any of our websites and you should proceed with full implementation of the new customer flow.

To preserve your data, check out this document below, and transfer your LCs EPs onto your new tracking tool.

How does payment work?

By the end of February, AIESEC US should be getting a new accounting software that will give your LC live data about your EP payments, making payment tracking much easier and autonomous to your LC.

Until then, we will be using this payment link and Cindy Chen will be sending out payment reports that you can track every Friday.

For EPs that were raised in 2015 that are summer pipeline, Cindy will be able to send them an invoice when they get matched so that they can pay their remaining $350/450/550.


EXPA Accounts

Since local operations will be conducted in the Opportunity Portal from now on, it is absolutely imperative that you and your team have EXPA access for the upcoming year.

If you can't access your previous EXPA account or if you need to make a new one, please check out the Happy Fox article below and ask your LCP to walk through it with you.

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2 Do's 4 Implementation

1. Get yo'self an EXPA account

2. Read through the links in this email and familiarize yourself with all of this fun info

3. Export your FluidReview apps onto your new tracking tool

4. Start working in the new OP! The raise fee is down which means your leads are already applying to opportunities. You can start matching NOW for summer peak so let's make this happen!

5. Stay tuned for national updates and check-points

(More information on summer projects to be released within the next week!!)

Your MOGX Girls

We love ya'll! Pls contact us if you have any questions! The refreshed customer flow is much more simple than before, but it's still normal to have slight confusions; that's what we're here for.

Miranda: mirandaf@aiesecus.org

Rachel: rachelm@aiesecus.org

Adry: adrianav@aiesecus.org