Wacky Cycle

Seth Weeks & John Jones

Interphase: Cell spend 90% of thier time in this phase, is divided up into 3 different phases

1. G- growth phase 1- cell growth

2. S- synthesis- DNA replicate

3. G2- growth phase 2- prepare for mitosis


Prophase- mitosis begins nucleus and nuclear membranes begins to disappear, Centiroles begin to move to opposite ends.

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Prophase- mitosis begins, nucleus & nuclear membrane begin to disappear, centiroles begin to move to oppostie ends.
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Metaphase- chromosomes line up on the middle of the cell
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Anaphase- (chromsome pairs seperate)

(chromotids are going to move to opposite sides)

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Telophase & Cytokinesis

Telohase- 2 new nuclei (nucleus) form chromosomes -> chromatin

Cytokinesis in picture.

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