Week of Oct. 8th...

LA Staff News


*10/8-12: LPS United Way Fundraiser


-Job Corps 10 AM


-Judith here in the PM: Mark, Jared, and Eddie (If anyone else needs Judith, let me know.)



Friday: -Andrea out for PD

-All school service project at the horse farm AND cookout

Upcoming dates to note:

10/20: Liberty Education Foundation Fundraiser at Gary Crossley Ford. See Melissa if you need ticket info.

10/22-23: Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:00-7:00

Conference treats: Monday (Peggy and Co. will have snacks); Tuesday: Chic-Fil-A providing dinner

Items to Note:

Printers in LA South: If not working, re-install through self-service

How can we incorporate the opportunity for kids to use our machines to do laundry without them feeling different by doing so?

United Way

The LPS campaign for the United Way is this week.

Information about donating is in your mailboxes. If you want to give cash/check instead of a payroll deduction, I will be collecting the money for LA.

You may see some pop up opportunities for students to support the United Way this week.

It's like it's a surprise!

Or like it didn't get planned!

You be the judge!

Small Mall is Coming

For the past two years, Peggy and Co. have organized a small mall for our students. They are given faux money to shop. The best part in all of this is watching the students shop. They are excited. They give leftover "money" to friends. Some shop for everyone but themselves. Last year, pillows were scooped up quickly and held onto tightly with smiles. Kids try to pay for things. Kids use their manners and say thank you. This year I want to make sure that EVERY adult that wants to see this (trust me, it will fill your heart for the day) has an opportunity to do so. We will have several waves of shoppers (not sure how we determine that), so it is possible to allow adults in waves (possibly organized by advisory?). After shopping the students visit the wrapping station so their gifts are ready to go!

Here's where we need your help, too. Peggy's PTA is worried that the church won't be able to collect enough items to "fund" the small mall. I know around the holidays many groups and families are looking for charitable causes. Please consider sharing this opportunity with them. Attached is a flyer. We will collect items through December 14th.

Please consider sharing our opportunity with those who may be interested (neighborhood FB page, small group at church, your book club, etc.).
The small mall will take place on December 20th at 1:30.

An electronic flyer is below. Please help us out by sharing!