5 Themes of Geography- Austin

Location. Place. Region. Movement. Human/environment Int.

Austin, Texas

Austin is one of the weirdest and most interesting places in the U.S.. Location, place, region, movement, and human/environment interaction are all very easy to spot here.


This picture shows the location of Austin, Texas because it shows where it is in comparison to other places- relative location.


This picture shows the physical features and cultural differences of Austin, Texas. It shows that there are many different kinds of people that live in this amazing city. Also, this picture shows that we have many very cool buildings all over Austin.

Human/Enviroment Interaction

This is the Pennybacker Bridge in Austin, this shows how humans have modified the Earth to fit their needs. This bridge allows us to cross Lake Austin easily- unless there's the usual crazy Austin traffic.


This picture shows how most people stereotype Austin, Texas. Most people believe that we are all cowboys or cowgirls that wear 5 gallon hats all the time, this is only true for a few austinites.


ACL stands for Austin City Limits- a musical festival that people and artists/musical groups come from all around the world just to be a part of. Music takes a huge part in the theme "movement" here in Austin, Texas.