Figurative language in MUSIC!!

Tells you the quotes in some songs

Chris Brown- FIne china

In this songs that i am telling you about today fine china by:Chris Brown he is tell us that the person you love is presses and is valuable to you and that you should love them no matter WHAT! " she is just like fine china" he is saying that he loves her and that she is every thing to him. That was a simile.

Bob marley- Redeption song

Redeption song is about is about how expression of how low the black people where back then and how they where and how bad they where treated and how bad it was for the slaves and the lower class did not have any respect for the slaves and how they thought the blacks where dangers and where a threat to them. "Minutes after they took I from the bottom less pit" this means that they where in a bad place and that they where lower class this is a hyperbole

Ed Sheeren- Thinking out loud

thinking out loud- In his song he saying you should always rember who you love and always love and cherish that person deep in your heart and always love them. "Will you lips still remember the taste of my love" he wants her to remember how Mitch he loves her and that was a personification.