Jordan Smith


I hung out with my buddy Jacob

something i did yesterday was hang out with my buddy jacob.
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Pay attention in class (sometimes)

Something i do well? I can pay attention when i want to. But if im like in a bad mood or something i get sidetracked really easily
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My childhood.

Something about MY childhood? I liked legos alot. and playing with little army men
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I learned that the exams arent hard

Something about you LEARNED last week. Was that the exams were all really easy and i feel confident about them all except the math exam. I guessed on like 95% of it.
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Something i cant live without

Something I cant live without is? I cant live without netflx because when theres not anything good on tv i can always rely on it to have family guy on it. I also cant live without steak because it is so darn good. I also cant live without my phone because when something awsome happens i can always whip it out and record anything
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Something i love to watch/Listen to

Something I love to watch or listen to? I love watching tv shows like family guy tosh.0 and stuff like that because its funny. I love listening to not common rappers because all the other rap is usually stupid in my opinion
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