"Attention! Know your STD status "

"Do you know your statutes ? Go and get tested today"

The objective is to know your health status so that you can continune to maintain good health .

Some people would be surprised to know that about 79 to 80 percent of people don't even realize that they have caught a STD due to them not having any symptoms . The only way that a person who is sexually active to know it the are clear from any STD is to go to the doctor and get tested. Studies have shown that at least 50 percent of people will have a STD in their life time due to the high number of new strain cases of STD's a year , majority contributed by the age group of 14-25 . This age group is targeted by 1 out of 4 , to catch the HIV virus .This is a rate that needs to be changed and will be changed in the future if we bring awareness and encourage the younger age group of 14 to 25 years .

What you can do

Of course the most apparent answer is to go get tested . There are other ways you can bring awareness to the high STD rate among the age group of 14-25 , which would be to get involved in social media . Social media has helped the awareness cause a lot , they have created a following on instagram from the "dosomething.org" , this campaign encourages teens and young adults to post pictures of their hands with the word "tested" on it signifying that you went to get tested . This campaign has been very successful in grabbing the attention of the younger generation. This tool of using social media has allowed the younger crowd to be interactive with this cause to help lower the STD rate .Its important for young people to know that no sex is the only 100 percent of knowing your clear.

STD can Kill , or cause lifetime injuries !!

The STD Chlamydia can cause blindness if not treated in time , and can have lasting effects to body.People who have STD's are more easily to catch the the HIV virus . Loving yourself is the most important thing , so go get tested and know where you stand . If your are not sure where to go type in the search engine your city and state and word in a question " free testing clinics in my area?" . When you do find out your status , continue to strive for good health , or if you are infected , make sure you inform your sexual partners so they can get tested as well .

Where can you go , What will you do ?

This link gives you information on STD's and a contact number to call to get additional information . http://www.cdc.gov/std/prevention/screeningreccs.htm