IRAQ Project

Made by:Jackson Simmons

Country Basics( Iraq )

My country is Iraq. Iraq's capital is Baghdad. The flag"s colors are black,red,green,and white. The meaning behind the flag is the colors God is with us.

Geography ( Iraq )

The boarding countries are:Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

The major land forms are caves, deserts, grassland, lakes, mountains, peninsulas, river and waterfalls/wetlands.

Baghdadi museum, Baghdad Zoo, these are some of the major landmarks in Iraq.

Iraq's Government

Iraq has republic government.

Fuad Masum is the Iraq's leader.

Iraq has elections for the leader.

Men and women can not inherit Iraq citizenship.

Iraq's Economy

Even though Iraq has oil they are still a poor country.

The money they use are called Iraqi Dinar.

The exports are food medicine and other materials.

The literacy rate is 84%,and the birth rate is 31.45/1000 births, the life expectancy is 69 years, and the water source is Tigris and the Ephrates.

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Iraq's Culture

Women in Iraq wear colorful dresses like shown above, men in Iraq wear the clothes below.

The citizens in Iraq mainly speak Arabic and Kurdish.

Iraq is a rich country because they have billions of dollars of oil they sell a lot of oil to America due too motorized vehicles.

Iraq's major export oil, medicine, and other supplies like that.

Some food that they eat are called Kebabs and mainly contains beef and rice.

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Iraq's Climate

The general weather conditions are usually above 104 degrees and the low is 32 degrees that is like summer in Texas every day and hotter! The average yearly rain fall in Iraq is 25 mm yearly

The affection of the climate in Iraq it harms and kills the Citizens in Iraq.

Iraq's History

Iraq was founded on October 1st of 1919 almost 100 years ago!

On October 3rd Iraq became their own independent country and the capital is Baghdad.

Iraq + United States

Both Countries vote for a leader. Both have republic government. Both have a council.

freedom of speech.

Iraq vs America

One difference is that in Iraq you could die sooner than in America, also in Iraq You would make less money than in America, another difference is In America you would consume more oil than you would in Iraq. Lastly in America you would have a less chance to get murdered than Iraq.

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Iraq vs United States

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