2nd Grade


The students will create a Computer Terminology notebook using Google Slides. Not only are they learning the definitions of many keyboard keys, but they are also learning to create add text and insert images.


Students have worked hard to become familiar with the keyboard so now they will focus on typing names, sentences, and paragraphs. They will learn to use the shift key to capitalize the first letter of their name and every sentence, the tab key to indent, and the backspace key to correct any mistakes. They will also learn to insert a space after every word and ending mark.


The students will review left clicking, right clicking, double clicking, scrolling, and dragging and dropping with the mouse. This will be very helpful as the students insert images and change the font styles of their writing.

Digital Portfolio

This year, students will be using Seesaw to create a digital portfolio. They will use the camera to take a picture of themselves, the drawing tools to add to their photo, and the microphone to tell why technology at school is important to them.


The students will spend the first 10 minutes of each class practicing their keyboarding skills. They will type with 2 hands on the home row and typing covers so they can't see the keys.


The students will spend the first 3 classes going over the classroom procedures and logging into the network and their Google account. The will change the font style, size and color of the text on the Computer Lab Rules document. The students will also use Padlet (a virtual wall) to show that they know what it means to be respectful and responsible in the Computer Lab.

1st Semester

The students in group A will come to the Computer Lab every Thursday. The students in group B will come to the lab every Tuesday. I am very excited that I will be seeing the students on a weekly basis all year!!!