U.S. Water Pollution Catastrophe

The U.S. needs to get serious about their water!

Water pollution affecting your everyday health!

Nitrates in your water is one way that could affect your health. If your everyday drinking water has excessive amounts of nitrates in it than you are at risk for diseases and even death! Not only can nitrates affect your health but large amounts radon can also. Large amounts of radon concentration in your everyday drinking water have been shown that this radon can cause cancer in the bladder, breasts, and in the lungs.

Don't let our water be contaminated like these pictures

Ways you can get involved by recycling the water or even stop the pollution at the source

One way you can conserve water is by only running your washers and dishwashers when they are full. Also, only use non-toxic household cleaners to reduce the number of chemicals that could enter our water supply. Not only would using non-toxic cleaners help the water it could help your health by without those chemicals in the water you are less likely to drink contained water. Lastly, put out barrels to collect rain water so that you can you less water around the house.

Water pollution in the United States!

In the United States agriculture is the number one cause for polluted water. This water pollution is caused from the run of chemicals from the fertilizers used on the crops. This run off causes for the nitrate levels to rise in the water. These high levels make it harder for water work plants to provide clean drinking water to people living in the U.S.

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