Learning with Technology

for Teaching

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Instructors will become digitally literate professionals who use technology to transform their teaching to enhance educational experiences for students.


Guided by industry research and national standards, the Educational Media Center (EMC) has re-developed its professional learning services. We recognize the importance of building your professional learning plan as part of your contract renewal and tenure/promotion dossiers. Therefore, we are offering a systematic way to help you work as a digitally literate professional by building your technology skills through hands-on learning, application and implementation in the classroom, and sharing with the campus and community. This process is intended to help you plan and apply your professional learning, with support from us, Educational Technologists, along the way. Finally, once you’ve created your artifacts and implemented in the classroom, you may apply for written letters from the EMC highlighting your accomplishments. We encourage you to use the letters of your accomplishments along with the artifacts you create for your classes/students, as evidence to include in your dossier.

The Process

  1. Participate in a professional learning session/workshop offered in the fall semester. Badges are available for some workshops to provide you with evidence of your achievements.
  2. Create and implement your own project/activity in your classroom using what you learned in the session/workshop. (We, Educational Technologists at the EMC, are available to help.)
  3. Apply for a written letter by submitting the appropriate online form with your reflection and results of what happened after implementation, including the products (artifacts) you created. The letter you receive from the EMC will provide you with substantial evidence of your professional learning to include in your dossier. It will also contribute to the campus community because your artifacts will be shared on the Learning with Technology for Teaching website, benefiting others who can learn from what you created.
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Workshop Series

The Learning with Technology for Teaching (in the classroom) path has a variety of professional learning workshops (grouped in series) each fall semester.

Starter Instructional Technologies

Outcome: Use UH-supported technologies to enhance productivity and professional practice. (series details)

Flipped Classroom

Outcome: Plan and design effective learning environments and experiences supported by technology. (series details)

Tools for Flipped Learning (workshops may change each year offered):

Course Design

Outcome: Use the four-step course design process (for in-person classes) to systematically organize and structure your course to align your course outcomes with appropriate learning activities, and present it in online lesson modules. (series details)


Outcome: ___. (series details)
  • Workshop 1
  • Workshop 2
  • Workshop 3

Semester Schedule

Fall Semesters

Each fall semester, we will offer the "Starter Instructional Technologies" series of workshops. Additionally, another series of workshops will be added each following fall semester. This schedule gives you an idea of the professional learning workshops for teaching that will be offered.

Fall 2014

  • "Starter Instructional Technologies" workshops

Fall 2015

  • "Starter Instructional Technologies" workshops
  • "Stop Lecturing and Flip Your Classroom" workshop series

Fall 2016

  • "Starter Instructional Technologies" workshops

Fall 2017

  • "Starter Instructional Technologies" workshops
  • "Course By Design" workshop series

Spring Semesters

The spring semesters will be used to create and implement your plan from the professional learning workshops you participated in during the fall semesters. We encourage you to schedule one-on-one consultations with an Educational Technologist to help you apply what you learned, create artifacts, and implement your plan in your classes with your students. Then, reflect, share, and apply for your letter(s).

Other workshops of special interest may also be offered throughout the year.


Visit The Learning with Technology for Teaching path's website- http://blogs.leeward.hawaii.edu/teach/ - especially for instructors teaching in the classroom, to access: workshops, one-on-one support, tutorials, resources, current news, tips, instructors’ artifacts and reflections, and more.