The Greek Ways!

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Music Festival

Come and see our show case for the world premier of the festival of the Arts! You can see Art, eat food, and our star showing event is... Music!! Our art events of the festival, you will see, amazing artifacts such as, pottery, and other amazing arts that we Greeks have so many talents for! The food we have is fantastic! Come meet Dionysous the god of wine! And maybe try other fantastic beverages! The tickets will cost, 5 drakmas! Come from all over to see music that's part of our daily lives! You can also participate in some of our shows! So come and see our Festival of the Arts! Don't be late!


It's that time of year again! Start training, cause the Olympics are coming to town! Not a sports fan? Well, this year the Olympics are being held in Olympia, where there's plenty of beautiful sites to see. If you are planning on competing, better be careful because sometimes it can get a little rough out there! The Olympic games are being held in hour of Zeus, the amazing God of lightning. You better pack your bags, cause the Olympics will be 5 days long this year! The Olympics include, sprinting, long jumping, Jagiellon hurling, dice throwing, and wrestling. The Olympics will be pretty great this year, don't forget to come!!
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You know the city Athens well it is rarely cold there. It was the most famous hill in the world it was the crown of the Greek civilization. Rising above all the building is the Parthenon which is almost 2500 years old. Centuries ago the Greeks led the world in the theater,poetry,government,architecture,science,and art, Athens people go about their work as if they were in a race against the clock WOW!! Their business life is identical to that in any other industrial nation. Housing is extremely expensive for working people in Athens, but at the age of six Athenian child begins a six year old grammar school program. City walls was talented master potters and sculptors labored.