soviet union


Its Cyrillic alphabet includes 33 also learn english,french,german,and spanish


Christianity is the main religion in Russia.the Russian Orthodox Church claiming 15 to 20 percent of Russia's population.

arts and music

Russia has a grand and abiding heritage in the cultural arts.

Russian music went through a long history, beginning from ritual folk song and the sacred music of the Russian Orthodox Church

customs and traditions

New Year's Day is the most popular holiday in Russia.mostly every one decorates their house and have parties.also they have may day its when world war ended.its very important for many russians.


Russians are the most numerous ethnic group in Europe and one of the largest in the world with a population of about 140 million people worldwide. Roughly 116 million ethnic Russians live in russia and about 16 million more live in the neighboring countries. A significant number of Russians, around 4.6 million, live elsewhere in the world, mostly in the america and western europe , but also in other places of eastern europe ,asia and elsewhere