2015 In A Year

Kevin Kim

Three Best Companies

1. Adidas - This company made a lot money more than Nike because the product was sold out was White ultraboost and Yeezy. Kanye West design the shoe "yeezy" it was sold out about a sec. Also Adidas and Kanye West made a clothing line and it was sold out quick and Adidas made money than Nike.

2. Samsung - made a lot of money by making new technology and advertise or commercial to show the people that Samsung is way better than Apple. Samsung made a Galaxy S6 and Galaxy note 5 it was sold about 45 million. Also Samsung made a lot of sales in Christmas and Black Friday to make the people buy their products instead of the IPhones.

3. H&M - a lot of money by selling clothes are cheap. They sell clothes that are replicas of expensive clothes. Many men buys suits there because it costs really cheap and looks good. H&M helps people to afford a clothes that looks like a expensive clothes also the quality is good and feels like it worth it to purchase clothes there.

Best Products Of 2015

Worst Product Of 2015

Top Movies In 2015

1. Martian - The Martian made about 144.6 million dollars because the movie is really fascinating that a man has to like Mars for a month also its a great movie to watch with family.

2. Avengers Age of Ultron - it was a first movie of all superhero team up and fight together. Everyone likes a action movie and superhero . They made a $1 billion dollars in 24 days its pretty incredible. It shows that they tried really hard to make a great movie and a good story.

Top Music Artist of 2015

1. Kanye West - He is a Producer and a rapper. He made a lot of money by making a song of All Day and Mercy. Lot of people likes his rapping style and his lyrics because he makes every song sound good and its lit. Kanye West had a way to make a lot of money is to be in a lot of concerts and do shoe design with Adidas to make money.

2. Fetty Wap - He is a artist of the song of Trap Queen. He made a lot of money by making that song and did concerts. His lyrics is funny so it makes the audience like it and its really cache.

Top 10 Shoes In 2015

1. Yeezy Boost 350

2. Yeezy Boost 750

3. Jordan 4

4. Puma Sakura

5. Asics Ronnie Fieg

6. Air Jordan 11 72-10

7. Foamposite

8. Huaraches

9. New balance 998

10. Saucony

New Year's Resolution

Lose Weight because i gained weight in 2015.

Watch my language and have a positive attitude to my Mother.

Getting better grade to go a good college.