Room 24 News

September 29, 2015

Important Notes & Upcoming Events

Friday Folders: I forgot to send home Friday Folders last week. Please check this week!

Volunteers: I am so grateful that so many of you are ready & willing to volunteer in the classroom. I truly could not do half of what I do without your help & support. I will start sending out emails at the beginning of next month to set up a volunteer schedule. If you did not send in one of the volunteer forms and are interested in helping out please email me.

Please visit our website for updates:
There is a link to my email address as well as the school's phone number. There is also a link to our homework page. I try to be very diligent about updating the weekly homework.

Next Week at a Glance:
Monday: Music
Tuesday: Discovery Lab Day
Wednesday: Review mid-module math assessment (will go home on Friday)
Friday: HOT Time & Friday folders/weekly reviews go home

What We Are Learning

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World Hunger Project Presentation

Hannah, Zoey, Riley, and Charlotte won national recognition for their World Hunger Project last year. They were asked to present at a San Diego STEM fundraiser at the USS Midway. Our class was lucky enough to have them come in and show us their presentation!