Digital Citizenship Project

Abby C

Rule #1: Digital Etiquit

Think!!!! Is it...






Rule #2: Information Privacy

Don't give personal Informatoin to Strangers anywere or they can take your Identity

Rule #3: Social Networking

Never post anything thats personal or people will see it and it never goes away.

Rule #4 Online Safty

Alway keep passwords and other information to your self dont tell anyone not even your best friend

Rule #5 Cyberbulling

If someone is cyberbulling you, you should always tell an adult

Rule #6: Plagerizum

If your Plagerize you can get get an F on the report that you were doing its very bad to plagerize

Rule #7: Copy right

Its alegal to copy right and you can be sued

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital CitizenShip is it tells you how to be safe online don't do somehting that you will regret, don't give personal information, don't do alegal thing like Copy right, always alert someone teacher, parents, etc. Always T.H.I.N.K before you post anything. Make shure not to Plagerize because its very bad and you can get a bad grade if you do Plagerize. Don't break any of these rules because you can get in serious trouble.

Why is it necessary for everyone to understand and display positive Digital Citizenship practices?

It's necessary for everyone to know because what if you didn't know about these rules you can get in trouble and they didn't know about these rules, if you don't know what to do if someone is cyberbulling then you tell someone look it says on the rules and these rules can save you from trouble, or even save your grade on a project. So follow these rules and you won't get in to trouble.