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IELC 68C Newsletter, November 2015 - Issue #1


Thank-you for taking the time to read our class newsletter. We are very excited to be able to share all the amazing things we have done so far this year. The articles in this newsletter are all written and edited by us - the students of 68C. We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter as much as we enjoyed creating it.

As a side note, we are currently collecting, gathering, procuring, and begging for items for our Makerspace. Items needed are: lego, building blocks, large pieces of cardboard (from appliances, electronics, etc) for the cardboard boat race, second-hand computers/laptops, props/costumes (for plays and drama), duct tape, and other odds and ends you may have around the house. If you wish to donate any items, please contact us ahead of sending them. Thanks so much in advance!


Students of 68C, Mrs. Aiello & Mr. Windover

Editors this issue: Brisa and Vidhan

World Education Games and Caribou Math

Educational games! Seems like the perfect way to learn. Fun yet...educational. What did the students in 68C think?

A few weeks ago, our class participated in World Education games and Caribou math. WEG was full off science ,math and spelling games . For science, there were games related to the solar system and wilderness games . For math, there were short equations in which you competed with others to get points. For spelling , there were word searches and fill in the blank games. In my opinion, it was a fun competition and it was great that everyone got the chance to play, I wish the games were a little more creative. "World education games was an interesting challenge for students. They enjoyed the opportunity to compete with each other and students around the world’’ says Mrs. Aiello, our other teacher. I can say on behalf of almost everyone that it was an enjoyable experience!

Many students in our class participated in the Caribou math competition and will continue to participate in the various rounds throughout the year. Others tried only the first one. It was yet another online game that consisted of 18 questions that were each brain racking, with an hour to complete. It was entirely math with many different units so each person could succeed in a number of questions. However the majority of the class was not very fond of it. "Despite our initial technical difficulties, the event was a success. Students were definitely challenged by the questions ” says Mrs. Aiello.

So what do you think, readers? Are educational games a great way to learn? I think yes!

Written by: Tanya

The 2015 Federal Election

The Election

During the election, the five major parties that ran were Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green Party, and Bloc Quebecois. But the only parties that had a likely chance were Conservatives, Liberal, and NDP. The beginning of the campaign was a no brainer. NDP were leading far but that didn’t last to long. Mr. Windover’s class was not very interested in politics (besides Gurjaap) but that didn’t last long either.

Soon the class was buzzing about political issues such as taxes and jobs. Conservatives were leading for a couple of days but then Liberals started to lead. That lasted the rest of the election. It was a tight race between Liberal’s and Conservatives. Yet the NDP supporters in the class still thought NDP’s had a chance.

After a while Liberal’s were winning and the NDP’s in the class were just happy that Harper lost. But even though Liberal’s were winning, Conservatives had a big chance. This chance came down to one day…Election day. Candidates all over canada were door knocking, lit dropping, and working at the voting locations.

Gurjaap's Mom

Gurjaap wasn’t at school that day. He was helping his mom with her campaign but Niru knows what happened. Fallingbrook was a voting location so many voters came to the gym. As a result, our class missed Phys. Ed. Mr. Windover introduced vote compass to the class. We talked about the election and how Justin Trudeau (the liberal leader) won with a majority government. As a class, we analyzed the distribution of votes, seats and party wins across the country.

This was just the first instalment of the political section of our class news. There is still more to see on how the Liberal’s will lead our country.

Halloween Party

On October 30th in the afternoon, 68C and 68D had a halloween party in the room 203 because it was the day before Halloween. First 68C lined up and had first picks for all the food and candy. There were a few spills but not to big to ruin the jolly spirit of Halloween. The helpers had told everyone that there were all types of candy hidden around the room. A few were found but a few are not found till this day. Anyway, after 68C got there food, 68D got a chance to get their food. A few were angry because a lot of candy was gone. Some said “ Why did we have to go SECOND!” After everyone got a chance to get some food, everyone went to Mr. Windover’s room. They had the privilege to watch the movie called Back to the Future 2. They watched the first movie before on a different day. While the movie was playing, the student helpers put out a bucket full of bubblegum. People kept going back and forth. Later, the most climatic part was shown which made the class go haywire. Finally, it was time to go home which made everyone sad because they weren’t able to finish watching the movie. That was the Halloween party.

Written by: Vengadesh

Inspirational Quotes

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible. - Audrey Hepburn

In September, we all wrote inspirational quotes. We first found our top five favourite quotes, which could be original or already written/said by someone else. Then we each chose our favourite one, and wrote them on a poster board. We drew pictures that were related to the quote and then coloured them in. Some people used markers and pencil crayons while others used pastel and paint. When we were done, our inspirational quotes were put up.

Written by: Jasmine

Think Bowl

On November 2nd 2015, 3 students and Ms. Allen form Glenforest came to Fallingbrook. The people from Glenforest were displaying a series of challenges for the IELC classes. This happened at the library in the morning. We were offered this opportunity because Glenforest has a gifted program, and they were showing what Glenforest had to offer. One of the challenges were to sort chocolates in 3 different cups based on its colour. Another challenge was to balance foam squares on our forehead. Another challenge was to blow a balloon and use the air of the balloon to blow cups of the table. Another challenge is to keep 3 balloons in the air. The last challenge was to get a blue cup on top of a lot of red cups.

After the warm up activities, we were put in groups and had an hour to solve a major problem, which was How We Will Become Billionaires. All we had was our allowance, so we had to get really creative. At the end, every group presented their solutions, some of which were really good, others were funny and some were just…interesting.

All in all, we had a great time that day!

Written by: Arpitha

The Robot Run - FLL goes trash free

This year the 68C class participated in the First Lego League competition (FLL). FLL is a robotics competition in which teams compete by building robots and completing missions. They must also research the year's respective topic and make a presentation. This year's topic was ‘Trash Trek’. Therefore teams chose a specific type of trash and find solutions to it. There are also trash related missions for the teams’ robots to complete.

Within 68C there are 4 teams. These teams will compete within class to determine who will go to the intra-school competition. Each team has done a lot of research and brainstorming.

The first team has Medha, Aahaan, Brisa, Tanya and Archish. They chose to tackle restaurant waste. Their solution is to burn food waste into biomass and change plastic and paper products into biofuel.

The second team consists of Om, Vidhan, Vengadesh, Alex and Max. Their trash is chewing gum. Their solution is the make a garbage can from the material found in gum to promote throwing gum out.

The third team has Arpitha, Adam, Jasmine, Gurjaap, Daniel and Raymond. Their trash topic is compost. They invented a machine that converts compost into electricity.

The fourth team consists of Richard, Niru, Danny, Henri and Ray. They chose to cover candy wrappers. They are attempting to invent a edible candy wrapper.

The final competition is on December 5. Many teams will participate. But who will win? But remember the FLL core values “What we discover is more important than what we win.”. And whether your team decides to attend a tournament or not, take time to celebrate your discoveries. Teams grow and learn together throughout the FLL season, so it is important to take a little time at the end to recognize each team member and celebrate all they accomplished together.

Written by: Medha and Aahaan

Back To The Future

“Great Scott !!” This….odd phrase was said a number of times in the funny, action-adventure 1985 sci-fi classic, Back to the Future.

Classes 68C and 68D watched this on Oct. 21, 2015 (a.k.a. Back to the Future day!), during their fun-filled halloween party, and a few times recently. The movie is about Marty Mcfly’s and Dr. Emmett Brown’s action-packed adventures through the 1955, 2015 and 1885 versions of their little town, using Doc’s brand-new time machine. They navigate through the conundrums of time travel, Marty’s future, and a sports almanac that goes to 2000, which happens to fall into the hands of a tight-fisted, curmudgeon named Biff, who’s mischievious…mischief causes no end of trouble for the two. But who knows? Could Biff dominate them? Could they run themselves into issues? Could they be stuck in the past??? Find out when you watch this amazing movie and go.

We are learning about how to analyze films and to deconstruct how they are made and what the director intends the audience to feel and think.

Written by: Henri

Logic Problem - Gary's City

Gary the Giant wants to place roadblocks in a perfectly circular 2-D model of a city. The 2-D model of the city is a circle and the chords drawn are the roadblocks. For example, 0 chords produces 1 region, 1 chord produces 2 regions, 2 chords produce 4 regions, and 3 chords produce 7 regions. Gary wonders what the maximum number of non-overlapping regions is, if 564 chords are drawn.

Written by: Om

Jokes & Sudoku

Why are helium, curium, and barium medical elements? Cuz if you can’t helium or curium you barium!

I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. I couldn’t put it down.

Bob committed a SIN, COS TAN was being bad (spot the math)

Graham's Number is useful for camping . Especially when you forget the crackers.

Someone attacked me with cheese, milk, and yogurt! How dairy!

Written by: Archish and Om

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Advice Column

“ Oh no! I’m late for school again!”

Are you a late sleeper? Are you always late for school? Well I have some advice for you! Here are a few tips and tricks to get the best out of school and very importantly sleep.

Set your alarm clock
Your alarm clock is your new best friend. When you go to sleep always make sure to set your alarm clock to at least 1 hour before the time you reach school. This is ideal because you have enough time to do your morning routine and still have plenty of time to reach school.

Take a shower

Ever get that feeling when you wake up and you feel like you just fought a dragon, ran a marathon and lifted an elephant with your pinky?.... All at the same time?! Yeah I thought so. Thankfully there is a cure. All you have to do is take a shower. I believe that taking a shower right after you wake up is a wonderful idea. It helps you stay fresh and focused in the morning.

Check your bag

Are you always forgetting your homework and school supplies? Well I know what to do. Always check your bag before you go to sleep. It is even more helpful if you write down tomorrow's list of materials for homework. Or if you need your device for an important date.

I hope these tips and tricks help you with school.

Written by: Ritvik

Independent Projects (IP)

In the past month, 68C was introduced to the IP project. An IP (Independent Project) is a project that is created by the student for personal growth. He or she decides what the project is, in consultation with the teacher, and they collaboratively determine the length of time it will take to complete, due dates, presentation and final product. Students are asked to either solve a problem or create a product. After a quick survey of the class, the majority said they were creating a product. People were given the choice to make the project solo or with a group. Some people were making games and one student is teaching C++ to the rest of the class. The IP in 68C has varied times and is decided between the teacher and students. One thing is pretty clear - most students are very excited about their IP.

Written by: Richard

Junglesport or Jungle-like Sporting Activities

Twice upon a time, in a galaxy close, close, nearby, a class was given a form about an EXCITING new JUNGLE ADVENTURE to participate in! Well... actually it was just wall climbing, but it’s close enough, am I right? I’m wrong? … Whatever… just… read what I’m writing and believe it.

It was a distant past… 3 months ago, when we received a form detailing a wall climbing activity called Jungle Sport. Most people (I’m not completely sure how many) accepted and paid the money, so on. Then… IT WAS THE DAY OF THE THING. We went to the gym and saw some wall climbing stuff. There was also rope climbing and some other stuff, but it was described as a wall climbing activity, so just forget that the other things exist. We went and climbed walls! THE END.

So the day ended and then we went to class and then went home and that’s it.

THEN, the next gym period we saw the wall climbing stuff again, so we climbed (clomb, clamb?) on the stuff again, and now repeat this 2 more times.

FINALLY, it was done and we went home and forgot about it. AND IT WAS NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN. Except now. THE END (For real this time)


Written By: Danny

Message from the Editors

In conclusion, we had a lot of excitement in the last two months. We had parties, games, competitions, and a whole lot of fun! Mr.Windover and Mrs.Aiello are great teachers and we are very thankful for them.We did a survey and and according to the class, the thing we love most about IELC, is all of Mr. Windover’s puns! It has been a pleasure publishing this newspaper and we hope to publish much more.

Editors - Brisa and Vidhan