Learn about the HourChair

A new revolutionizing product

It started with a chair.

Thanks to a certain class I have , I know how chairs can squeak and make a lot of noise.That is the reason why I have made a chair on wheels with a drawer, ring , and hooks.The wheels are there to eliminate the noise it makes.It includes a drawer for extra space to store pens or pencils or even paper.There is a hook on the back of the chair for coats or bags.The reason for the ring and the hooks are for group meetings so that you can connect to other chairs and work together without sitting on the ground

Selling Info

My invention will be sold at Staples, BJs, and Office Depot.It will be sold at the cost of $75,what will include a 5 year warranty.It will come in the colors blue, black, green, and red, it can also come in adult or child.Adult features two hooks on the back for coats and a bigger chair while child features a smaller chair with only one hook on the back.

About The Inventor

The inventor has brainstormed the idea for the invention and logo/name/slogan and has made a substantial prototype.He lives in New Jersey. He is a 4th grader who has been annoyed by how chairs squeak when they move around.He got the idea for the logo when he was doodling and made the top part of a hourglass then he made the bottom.