The Quick-Silver!

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  • Silver
  • Liquid
  • Boling point is at 356.7 C
  • 73% Reflective(when light hits it, only 73% of the light reflects back/glare)
  • Has no smell.
  • It's density is 13.534 at room temp.


  • Mercury dissolves gold and forms amalgams.
  • Mercury does not react with most acids
  • Is a poor conductor of heat
  • Is a good conductor of electricity
  • When it mixes with iron nothing happens, they are non-reactive.
  • When it mixes with sulfur, it makes Mercury-Sulfide

Important Information

  • When Mercury is mixed with Sulfur(non-metal), Mercury Sulfide is made. Mercury Sulfide is the color Vermillion, and is a solid. Mercury Sulfied is also Cinnabar.

Electron Configuration--1s2-2s2-2d6-3s2-3d6-4s2-3d10-4d6-5s2-4d10-5d6-6s2-4f14-5d10

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Other Info...

Fun Facts

  1. Melting point and freezing point are the same!
  2. Used in thermometers, batteries.
  3. Mercury was discovered in 2000 B.C.
  4. Only Metal that is a liquid at room temp
  5. Merucry occurs naturally in the Earths surface
  • It cycles between soils, water, and the earths atomosphere; can also be found in Cinnabar in large deposists.

Basic Facts

  1. Its atomic number is 80
  2. Symbol is Hg(from latin word hydragarum; means silvery liquid)
  3. It has 21 Neutrons
  4. Has 80 Electrons and Protons.
  5. The average atomic mass is 200.59
  6. Transistion Metal
  7. Has lots of isotopes
  • Only 7 are stable
  • The most abundant iso tope is Hg (202 29.86%) .
  • Hg 194 is the is the radio-isotope that has lived the longet(444 years)