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Issue 22: January 18-22, 2016

The wind was piercing this morning, and I just wanted to run back in the house and snuggle with my boys. However, I knew that there was important work to be done, because we are in the business of educating, so I decided a Starbucks would get me through the day!

I hope that each of you were able to find some warmth on this cold day, whether that was a coffee, your heat cranked in the car, or a blanket scarf big enough to host a picnic on. Days like these in the middle of winter are hard on everyone, and cabin fever starts to set in. Remember to find time for brain breaks (They're necessary for you and your students), and incorporate movement wherever possible.

While this time of year can be difficult, know that we no longer work in the days of the one room school house. We have a huge support team to get us through the tough days, and remember, at least you didn't have to show up early to get a fire started in the stove....we do have heat....most of the time.




Week of Jan. 18-22

No Building Wide Assessments

Week of Jan. 25-29

3-5 MAP Classroom Diagnostic Tools: Math

Acuity Science Predictive B (5th Grade Only)

Team Meetings

I know your teams have been working extremely hard the past several months to develop your Units of Instruction. As the official due date (Feb. 1) for Units of Instruction is quickly approaching, so we will gather in Jessica's office one final time to discuss progress, answer questions, and tie up any loose ends.

Next week we will meet to score/review Units as a team. If you are not part of regularly scheduled team meetings, please schedule a time during the week of Jan. 25-29 to meet with me and Rita to score your team's Unit of Instruction.

PLC - Wednesday

Grade level/team collaboration time. Please use this time as a team to collaborate on the most pressing items for your grade level/department. Please send an agenda (email is fine) with your team's agenda before noon on Wednesday.

If you need me, Rita, or Jessica in your team's meeting, please let us know.

A Look Ahead


25 - Faculty Meeting @ 4 pm


5 - Q3 Midterm

10 - Valentine's Parties

11 - P/T Conferences @ 1-7 pm

12 - No School / Teacher In-service


22 - Faculy Meeting @ 4 pm

23 - Leadership Team Meeting

Happy Birthday to You!


25 - Brandyn Harmon

28 - TJ Powers