Weathering and Erosion

Science: Dr. Wise

I can...

1. identify weathering and erosion

2. learn how water shapes the land

3. how ice and wind shape the land

4. how people shape the land

Big picture

weathering notes:

*the slow wearing away of rock into smaller pieces

*the wind can carve holes into rock

*water can break down rocks into smaller pieces

*when water freezes it can cause objects to expand

*cold temperatures and freezing rain can cause rocks to break

*rain and other forms of precipitation can cause a metal fence to rust

erosion notes

*the movement of rock material from one place to another

Slow Land Changes: Brainpop Jr.

1. Watch the video

2. Pick two activities to complete

3. Use a sticky note to write down notes about what you learning

4. Post what you learned in Chapter 5 on the Padlet

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