About me

My name is JD Liechty, I was born may 27 1998 in Lincoln Nebraska. somethings I like to do in my free time are hangout with friends, play xbox, and play sports. i have four people in my family including me, my mom, my dad, and my brother. I also have a dog named boots who is 17 years old. 

Environment Pollution

Environment pollution has impacted the world in a bad way and needs to be stopped somehow. Environment pollution is a combination of air, water, and land pollution. Usually it is all polluted by humans but air pollution is caused by waste, smog, and bad oxygen. The earth is very good at cleaning up any kind of pollution but over all these years its caught up to us and now there is too much pollution the earth can not do it itself now. That’s exactly why people need to step up and take action to stop pollution.             Air pollution is a type of environment pollution. It is mostly made up of smog witch is a mixture of pollutants but is mostly made of ground level ozone. Smog comes from a complex set of photochemical reactions that involves volatile witch is an organic compound. Smog is appearing in many major cities such as San Francisco, San Diego, New York and other cities. Major smog occurrences are caused by motor vehicle traffic, high temps, and sunshine. Last smog can cause health problems such as trouble breathing, asthma, and eye irritation.  Acid rain is another cause of air pollution there are two types of air pollution and they are dry deposition and wet deposition. Dry deposition contains dry acid chemicals, smoke, and dry deposited gases that create run off and damage in the atmosphere. Wet deposition contains acid rain, fog, and also smokes. Acid rain occurs when certain gasses react to the atmosphere, and the gases are oxygen, and chemicals that create acid compounds. When that happens the result is a mild solution of sulfuric acid. Air pollution is a major type of environment pollution and needs to be stopped somehow.               Water pollution is another type of environment pollution. Dirty water is the world’s biggest health risk. It continues to threaten both wild life and people. When water from rain and melting snow fall from roof tops it goes into streams carrying trash, diseases, and organisms on the way. Many of our water sources lack basic protection, making them vulnerable to pollution from factory farms. This can lead to drinking water contamination, habitat decerations, and beach closers.


Short term goals Short term general goals·        Get better at sports·        Running (a mile)·        Chores Short term school goals ·        Get straight A`s·        Do all your homework·        Read a book