CQSB INFO FLYER - January 2015


This is the first CQSB information flyer which has been created to keep educators informed throughout the year on points of interest regarding the various Career Development programs and WOTP.

CQSB Survey

In order to have a better understanding of the tools being used for the various courses and to determine what the needs are, a short, simple survey will be sent to teachers. Teachers are asked to complete the survey by February 6. Your input is greatly appreciated!

MELS Mentoring Sessions

Once again this year MELS is offering mentoring sessions to teachers who teach any of the career programs (POP, EXPLO, Entrepreneurship) as well as mentoring days for WOTP teachers. Leadership is provided by Marsha Gouett (MELS).

Career Development - Session 1 (October 28, 2014 - Montreal)

At this first session, participants included experienced teachers, new teachers and school board consultants. A review of all the programs took place, as well as rich discussions and sharing from teachers who have been teaching these programs for a number of years. The second session is tentatively planned for February. Once a date has been decided, information will be sent to schools. If you did not attend the first session, there is still room to take part in the remaining sessions. However, teachers must be committed to attend all of them.

WOTP - Session 1 (October 29, 2014 - Montreal)

In October, teachers and consultants gathered to network, receive info on resources and share issues and concerns about the WOTP program. Tara Wheeler is the driving force at MELS who supports school boards with this program under the leadership of Marsha Gouett. The next session is on January 28th. Information and registration forms have been sent to schools.


  • New POP Tool Kit - A new tool kit has been designed called 'The Wood Processing' kit. At the moment we are waiting for the instruction manual to be translated. Once this has been completed, the kits will be sent into schools.
  • POP index - This is a great resource! click here The index is an online catalogue of links supporting students' career exploration. It is important to subscribe (if you haven't yet) to be informed by email about the latest tools added to the index.
  • Career Cruising - Many of you are already familiar with the Career Cruising online resource that is an excellent exploration tool for students. If you do not have access to this program, let me know. CQSB pays for this service for all our schools as we see it as a worthwhile, important part of the career programs. click here
  • GOAL Post - This magazine has in the past been sent into schools in paper format. However, this year the magazine can now only be found online. Up to 3 or 4 issues are produced each year. For the most recent issue click here. In the last issue, Zachary Roberge from St. Patrick's High School was highlighted as he had been selected to job shadow Mr. Bolduc (Minister of Education) for a day.
  • Learn - This site offers a variety of resources to support the CD programs. The best way to access Learn is to use the CQSB portal and click onto the tab at the top of the front page.

NEW in the Fall of 2015!

In the fall of 2015, compulsory content in Career and Academic Guidance will be implemented by MELS to take place in Elementary Cycle 3 (Grades 5 and 6) and Secondary Cycle 1 and 2. For a minimum of 5 to 10 hours per year, students will be encouraged to keep a record of what they have learned in connection with self-knowledge, knowledge of the world of work and the different types of training offered in the educational system. Pilot schools are working with the program this year. More information will follow regarding the plan for implementation in CQSB schools for next year.

My Role

My role is to support teachers with the Career Development programs and WOTP. Part of this includes attending meetings in Montreal to network with the consultants from the other English school boards. This year I sit on:

  • DEEN-CREATE - this committee targets all the Career Development programs and WOTP
  • GOAL - this committee addresses the Guidance-oriented approach to learning aspects of the curriculum.

Please feel free to contact me.

Jill Robinson

CQSB, Coordinator of Educational Services