The Secrets of the Rapa Nui.

By: Molly and Hunter B.


The Rapa Nuis are people who live on Easter Island and make moais. Moais are statues that they make out of rock. Rapa Nuis carve names into the statues. The names are people that have died.To move the moais they shifted them acrost the sand slowly. The largest moai is 70 feet tall and weifgts 270 tons. The tipical moai is 14 feet tall and weighs 14 tons. To this day know one knows where the Rara Nui people went or what happend to them, all we know is that they were there and now there not.

FUN facts

1.There was 900 moai.

2.Rapa nuis moved the moai acrossed the sand.

3.They cut down many trees for houses and other supplys.

4.Rapi nui people speake spanish .

5.The island is 63 square miles.

6. The rapa nui arrived around 800 B.C.

7.100 rapa nui were slaves and only 15 sevied the bout ride back.

Who were the first settlers on Easter Island? Where did they come from?

The Rapa Nuis were the first people on Easter Island. They got there by boats because they were slaves and had to work on Easter Island.

What are some of the mysteries surrounding Rapa Nui?

What happend to them?

Where did they go?

Where is Easter Island Located?

Easter Island is located off the coast of Chile.

What do you think the moais were used for?

We think that the moais were used for decoration and to scare people away.

How does the mystery of the Rapa Nui compare with other historica mysteries you've read about?

When the Titanic Ship crashed lots of people went missing, so this is like the Rapa Nui people because they also went missing.



We read "The Secret of the Rapa Nui"

By:Lily Balfour