Components of PBL


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Erin Bown-Anderson & Amber Rinehart

We have spent the last ten months working on a technology plan for AISD that puts students at the center of teaching and learning. W are the co-facilitators of the District Technology Planning Committee, and lead architects of the Vision 2020 plan, and hope to start some meaningful conversations with you today.


  • Understand PBL in the context of curriculum writing and Vision 2020
  • Explore the NEW AISD model for Transformational Technology
  • Begin to build and experience a Personal Learning Network
  • Leave with guiding questions to use during CWC Tuning Protocol in writing rooms

What can we learn from this kid's YouTube video?

What do we know about the learning that is happening in this example?

What do we need to know in order to design for this kind of learning experience?


What transformational elements can we write into the curriculum?

SKIM Reading: Gold Standard PBL

Skim the article using the following steps:

S - Sentence...Read the first one!

K - Keep what speaks to you.

I - Impression...Hold onto your general impressions.

M - Mark interesting points for later.

Three Tools for Authentic Student Learning...

Big image
Big image

Mingle... (Mingle...Mingle...Mingle...)

  1. Look at your card.
  2. Find a partner.
  3. Each of you will explain your card to the other, including what it means to you.
  4. Find a connection between the two cards.
  5. Consider & Discuss: Thinking about what you are currently working on in your writing room, what transformational element could you embed?
  6. Tweet out your idea or answer using the #AISDCWC, #AISDPBL, and #AISDProud hashtags.
  7. On my signal, find a new partner with a different card and repeat steps 1 through 6.

Debrief: Making Content & Personal Connections

Think back to the video at the beginning of this session. What frameworks, strategies, or questions can we now use to bring the student back to the center of lesson design?


The links below include additional resources to explore Project Based Learning, Personal Learning Networks, and technology integration. Thank you Advocates!
CWC Digital Toolkit

This toolkit was created to support the integration of transformational technology into curriculum writing.

Project Based Learning

Elementary Project Based Learning (PBL)

You will need to be logged in to the AISD Cloud to access this link.

Personal Learning Networks

Technology Integration