RSD Bond Information

Read about our upcoming bond on the November ballot

RSD Bond Information

RSD November 2020 Bond Measure

  • Redmond School District has placed a $27.5 Bond Measure on the November 2020 Ballot.

  • $27.5 Bond Measure

    • This bond is estimated to not increase the current tax rate

    • This is due to the District’s financial stewardship to refinance and reduce existing debt from prior bonds.

      • And projected growth in taxable assessed values in the district (quantity of homes and value of homes)

    • RSD has also qualified for a $7.6 million matching grant from the State of Oregon’s OSCIM program, only if the measure passes.

  • What does a bond finance?

    • Bonds are for buildings. School districts in Oregon use bonds to finance school construction, building improvements and preservation of facility assets. A school bond is like a home mortgage with principal and interest to be paid off over a set period of time.

Four Key Areas of the Bond

  • 1: Improve Health, Safety and Security

    • Conduct air quality improvements and mitigate asbestos

    • Create secure entryways and update communications systems, locks, fire panels, alarms and security systems.

  • 2: Need to Create Future Capacity

    • The City of Redmond data shows that over the next 20 years, Redmond will grow by 2.5 new residents per day.

    • Future growth in certain neighborhoods is expected to outgrow the capacity of some schools.

    • 6 additional classroom wings at both Tom McCall Elementary and Vern Patrick Elementary (12 total) and potentially new cafeteria spaces at each school.

  • 3: Modernize & Extend Life of Buildings

    • Update technology, collaborative learning spaces and infrastructure

    • Give our students the tools they need to graduate college and career ready.

  • 4: Improve Energy Efficiency, Reduce Operating Costs

    • Address inefficient electrical, heating, lighting and cooling systems.

RSD’s Plan for the Future: Preserving the Community’s Investments

  • 2 Bond Plan: RSD’s ask of the community is to support two bonds over the course of the next four years. The district has structured this plan to maintain the current tax rate in both bond efforts.

    • 2020 Bond: Will address urgent maintenance, upgrades, and capacity needs.

    • 2024 Bond: When 2004 bonds are paid off, will allow RSD to replace M.A. Lynch and update other older school buildings.

  • This strategy will allow the district to address the most urgent needs now with a plan to replace and update schools in 2024 without increasing the tax rate.

How will it affect EGMS?

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