Mi vida en el Salvador

por Candela

1) What would your family income be in el Salvador?

Our overall family income would be less.
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2) What city and neighborhood would you live in?

I would live between the cities of Antiguo Cuscatlán and Santa Tecla in Nuevo Cuscatlan. This area is only a few minutes away from the capital of el Salvador (San Salvador).
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3) What type of dwelling would your family live in? How much would rent or your house cost?

I would live at Nuevo Cuscatlan, El Salvador in a four bedroom family home. The cost of the house is $270,000 USD.

4) How many cars would your family have? What types of cars?

We would own three different types of cars. One car for my mom, one for my dad, and one for me and my brother to share.

5) Where would you go to school?

I would go to ABC Bilingual School in San Salvador, El Salvador about 25 minutes from my house.

6) What classes would you be taking? What would your schedule be?

I would take Faith and Values, Robotics, Calculus, Bilingual English, and Science. My schedule would be school Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
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7) What extracurricular activities would you be involved in?

I would be involved in Homework club which is Monday to Thursday from 3:00 to 4:30 pm and Friday from 1:00 to 2:30 pm. I would also get involved in the sports program and tryout for the soccer team.
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8) What activities would you do with your friends after school? What about on weekends?

After school, my friends and I could hang out and do homework at the cafe Happy Coffee right by my house. On the weekends, we could go to the David J Guzmán National Museum of Anthropology.

9) If you have a driver's license here, would you have one there? What transportation would you use to school and to other activities?

The driving licence requirements in El Salvador state that you must be at least 18 years old so I would still have a drivers license in El Salvador since Im 18. For transportation, I would share my brothers car or use the TICA bus service.

10) What would your typical meals be? (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks)

For breakfast, I would have huevos rancheros. For lunch, I would eat a Pupusa which is a fried tortilla, filled with pork, cheese, refried beans or vegetables. Lastly, of dinner, I would eat Chiles Rellenos which are stuffed chile peppers.

11) Where would your family shop for groceries?

We would shop for groceries at the supermarket Pricesmart which is in Bulevar Orden de Malta, El Salvador.
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12) Where would you shop for clothes? Do they cost the same there? (more/less). What would you wear to school?

I would shop at CALI Clothing for my clothes. The clothes here are cheaper then the clothes I buy in Houston. To school, I have to wear a uniform which is a blue/black skirt with a polo monogrammed with the school logo, along with black shoes and white socks.
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13) Who would be a national celebrity you might like?

I would like Carla Villacorta who is a performer in plays, recitals, and ballets.
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14) What type of music would you hear? (include a sample on a link with sound).

I would hear "chaqueña" music.


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15) Where could you go on vacation? (within the country)

I would go to Santa Ana Cathedral which is in Santa Ana, El Salvador.
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