The Truth about Andrew Jackson

By:Morgan Fayard

Nullification Crisis

In Jackson's Presidency he passed a new tariff called, The Tariff of Abomination. Although the North liked this new tariff the south did not; gradually the South started to get angrier and angrier bout this tariff, until they finally threatened they were going to secede.As a result of this threat congress decide to pass the "Force Bill" which gave Jackson the power to MAKE people pay the tariffs.Sadly this only made things worse so, Jackson started to get nervous and offered the people to either pay a lower tariff or face him(who not only is tough but has 6 bullets in his body). The People ended up choosing to pay the lower tariffs and stay in america.

National Bank

Jackson and about every other common man hates the National Bank. They believe that the bank is not helpings them at all and only helping the rich and wealthy. Although Jackson couldn't do anything in his first term he could in his second. So in Jackson's second term of presidency instead of renewing the law for the bank he actually VETOED it making the bank have to shut down. As a result of the bank closing the money was given to the lower banks that all the ordinary people us. The banks soon gave away all their money making people in loads of debt.

"Trail of Tears"

Jackson has always hated natives and wanted them gone. So Jackson made a "deal" with the Natives, he said if the natives move then he will give them land in, The one and only, Oklahoma. The journey there was very tough, tons of people died just trying to get there because of, dehydration, starvation, heat stroke etc. About 4,000 Natives died on the journey out of about 16,000. After walking for miles and miles and miles the Natives finally got to there new promised land, and they were angry because it was totally dry and empty.

Jackson Political Cartoon

This cartoon represents Andrew Jackson Dressed as a King because many believed that Andrew had TOO MUCH POWER and was strict and unfair, just like their old King. Some people believed that he used his power of the veto too much that is why he is holding a veto in his hand.

Northerner Point of View-Good

HI my name is tom and I am in the business industry of selling lumber. These couple of years with Jackson has been great for my business, see he has just started this new tariff that's been helping me get more money, as I sell my stuff over seas, which is FABULOUS. Another great thing that he has done to make America better is that he finally ended that darn national bank's business which has been giving money to the rich people and not to use ordinary people. Did you know that those people actually spit on me when I tried asking for a loan from the bank, ya, but they are all nice to the rich people. Oh ya and how could I forget the best thing that has happened, Jackson finally moved those land hogging natives away, now I don't have to worry about seeing them anymore. I wish we could have Jackson as the president all the time.

Rich Plantaion Owner Point of View-Bad

Hello My name is Lance J. Smith and these past couple of years in my life have been awful. First off Jackson the Trashy Lower class president has been putting these tariffs on all the items we want to buy, which is horrible because I hate to spend my money on things that aren't even worth it. Second of all Jackson closed the one and only bank that I can go to with out having to worry about seeing trashing "ordinary people", so now I have to go to a nasty public bank and talk to poor people. The last straw was when Jackson had moved the natives to the state right next to mine so now I have to have Natives as my neighbor eww.