Grammar Keepers

from Gretchen Bernabei

What is Grammar Keepers?

Grammar Keepers is a systematic approach to teaching grammar in the context of student writing. Bernabei's book offers a kid- friendly approach to teaching grammar that encourages transference in student's talking, thinking, and their writing. The lessons in the book are called keepers because they are lessons that last.

The Three Components

The three central practices that are at the core of Grammar Keepers are:

Daily journal writing, which increases writing practice and allows students to implement and practice grammar lessons. Corbett Harrison's idea of Sacred Writing Time would work wonderfully with this.

Interactive dialogues that model for students how to make grammatical choices. Experienced writers have these conversations in their head very quickly almost without even realizing it. These included dialogues teach kids how to develop that inner conversation of experienced writers.

A "Keepers 101" and "Parts of Speech" tracking sheet, so that both students can systematically keep track of what they've learned. Both of these documents are found in the appendix.

Lessons That Are Aligned

Grammar Keepers include 101 lessons that spread across the following topics:

Part I. Common Errors

Part II. Punctuation

Part III. Capitalization

Part IV. Spelling

Part V. Fragments

Part VI. Pitchforking

Part VII. Parts of Speech

Part VIII. Beyond Verbs


See how each lesson is aligned according to the State Testing Correlation Chart.

See how each lesson is aligned according to the State Standards.

Lessons That KEEP