Oh The Places You'll Go

Zitzman 411 2/12

What's Happening This Week:

School Wide Jump Rope for Heart

Monday: D Day. Dr. Sladek @ CE.

Tuesday: A Day. Student Teacher Meeting 7AM - Library. Mrs. Armstrong & Dr. Sladek OUT @ LIM Coaching Day. PLC's. Ms. Gaehle will be present. PTO Meeting in Library @ 6:00PM.

Wednesday: B Day. Dr. Sladek @ CE. VALENTINE'S DAY/Party Day!

Thursday: C Day. Dr. Sladek @ ZE! Lighthouse Meeting in Library @ 7:45AM. Scott Kovis Tech Day.

Friday: D Day. Dr. Sladek @ CE.

PLC Focus on 2/13

Behavior Check

Take a deep breath. We need to review the behavior protocol, get creative and review expectations, set a vision to focus on the finish line.

  • What is our plan for those tier 2 & 3 behavior students?
  • Who are your supports?
  • How far has communication/connection from home-to-school gone?
  • What is IN OUR CONTROL and how can we as a team make adjustments and modifications to help these students be successful? #WINNING

Do not grow tired, do not think 'its a lost cause'...shift your paradigm, the glass is half full.

Attendance Matters:

Weekly Warm Up Winner

The grade level winners will get their penguins this Monday after the announcements. It will be up to the team of teachers to decide how much you want to build the habitat and show love and attention to the Penguin throughout the week!

K-2 Weekly Winner: Grade - 1st Grade 94.20%

3-5 Weekly Winner: Grade - 3rd Grade 95.63%

Kdg - 93.09%

1st Grade- 94.20%

2nd Grade - 93.49%

3rd Grade - 95.63%

4th Grade - 92.64%

5th Grade- 95.28%

On the Radar

After the attendance totals came out district wide this month and with the data collection fever going on all around me I decided I, too, need to look closer as to what is going on.

I am in the middle of 'tier'ing students based on attendance.

Tier 2 students will have a lanyard to get daily and return at the end of each day. They will be working towards a Pizza Party.

Tier 3 students will check in daily and have a chart they will be adding to and working towards an individual goal (prize coupons) with a group goal of (Happy Meals). Once I have all the details and letters and specific students figured out you will be notified!

STEM Night

We are looking for some help promoting STEM night to our parents. We have only had one parent volunteer to host a booth. There have been several notes that have gone home in Thursday folders. If you know any parent that has a STEM related job who may help us out, please email them, or send me their name and I will.

STEM Night will be Thursday, March 22nd.

We will need each grade level to host a booth as well. February and March are very busy months. Try not to let that sneak up on you.

RTI Reflection:

Here we are mid-year and have collaboration and conversation on how to better, creatively reach ALL students... just when we have felt we have already exhausted all options. This blog hit home to me and got me thinking... we want them to own their learning, set goal and reach or exceed them but are we focusing on the ROOT of that solution?

Personalized Learning Vs Personalization of Learning

By George on Feb 08, 2018 04:14 pm

Every time I work with a school district, I hope that they learn from me because I learn from them. Recently, in Del Mar Schools, Laura Spencer shared their idea of “personalization” of learning. Before she started speaking, I was skeptical because I have seen the idea of “personalized” learning happening in many schools where a student jumped on a computer and based on the information they share, the technology creates a pathway for that student. Although the technology is impressive, it doesn’t mean that it is good. Seeing a student completely zone out in front of a screen and letting the computer lead the learning is not where I hope education is moving.

Laura presented the idea of “personalization of learning,” meaning more in how does the teacher understand the student, build on their interests, and create learning opportunities for the student. I can get behind this idea.

The personalization of learning creates the opportunity for more depth and authenticity, whereas “personalized learning” seems to be more about knowing the “stuff”.

I wrote the post, “Five Questions to Ask You Students To Start the School Year“, and these are the questions I suggested:

The point of the post was for learning to be personalized, not for “personalized learning”.

Let’s just remember that in “personalization” is the word “person.” Technology is powerful and creates opportunities that I couldn’t even imagine as a student, and we would be crazy not to embrace and build upon what is in front of us. But if it dehumanizes our schools, then we have forgotten that we are not only there to develop learners, but people as well.

Don’t forget the person in the word “personalized.”

Big picture


Create Win-Win Agreements

A Win-Win Agreement is when two or more parties commit to work to benefit each other as well as themselves. Win-Win Agreements can be formal or informal, and can be made in just about any relationship or circumstance.

Big picture


Expect to either win or lose.

Think About...

  • · What is your intent in this agreement? Are you really committed to win-win?
  • · What prevents you from creating a Win-Win Agreement?
  • · What can you do to create a Win-Win Agreement if the other person has a win-lose, lose-win, or lose-lose mentality?

Try This...

Pick an important relationship or situation and create a Win-Win Agreement.

Consider the following possibilities:

  • · Business partnership
  • · Performance agreement/review
  • · Vendor contract
  • · Parent and child
  • · Project team

From the 7 Habits Book

“An agreement means very little in letter without the character and relationship base to sustain it in spirit. So we need to approach win-win from a genuine desire to invest in the relationships that make it possible.”

Big picture

Valentine's Day Party

Half Day Schedule will be used to ensure all the activities are included. Schedules will be put in teachers' mailboxes. Stations will begin at 1:30 p.m.

Party Stations

  • 5th Grade Sock Hop in the MVMS Cafe
  • Crafts in the Art, Library, Music, and Counslor's rooms
  • Jump Rope for Heart in the Cafe and the Gym
  • Snacks in the teacher's classroom
  • Recess break
  • Valentine exchange in the classroom