Net Lac Leman!

Help us clean the lake

The day is coming closer

For only one day a year help us clean up lac leman at net leman. Just go to the website: to register where you want to clean up.

Tuesday, May 6th, 8am-1pm

Lac Léman, Rivaz, Switzerland

how it works

Net Leman is a event in France and Switzerland that happens once a year. It is when any one can come for at least 20 minuets to clean up the lake. Children are welcome from at least 5 years old with an adult.

  • 8:30 you will be welcomed, briefing and defining groups, area and distribution equipment.
  • 9:00 start cleaning, removing waste in small piles by type.
  • 9:30 start an animation by the youth sector.
  • 12:00 end cleaning
  • 12:30 putting away waste in specific bins.
  • 12:45 have appetizer and thanks
  • 13:00 lunch in common room