Explore American History

The American Civil War


What do I already know?


What would I like to learn about the Civil War?
Is there anyone I would like to learn more about?
Are there any battles or places I want to investigate more?
What would it have been like to live during this time?


How can I find more information on the Civil War?
What resources can I use?
Is the information I'm finding adding to what I want to learn about?
Should I ask more questions?
Is there anyone who can help me find information?


What am I learning about my chosen topic?
How does this connect to what I already know?
How can I use this new information?


How can I tell others about what I've learned?
Can I write an essay? Can I create a poster? What about a Power Point presentation?


What did I learn about the Civil War?
What did I learn about the research process?
Could I have conducted my research a different way? Could I have used different resources?
How do I think I did over all?
Am I happy with my final product?
The photographs used in this poster were take by Sally Severtson