The SupKet

No more getting to school late and no more HEAVY binders!

Why the SupKet?

Tired of heavy school supplies? Tired of getting to school late? Well FEAR NO MORE! We've got the solution for you! Introducing... The SupKet! This jacket isn't any ordinary jacket... This amazing jacket carries your supplies around and helps you get to school in an Eco-friendly, fast way!

Reasons to buy

Saving the environment and saving yourself!

First of all, about 800 cars arrive at a school each day! That's a lot of cars! And think of about ALL the schools in the WORLD! That's a lot of pollution. Instead of walking home, why not FLY home? That's right! Fly home from school or to school! No more tired legs and no more polluting cars! The wings attached to the SupKet can reach up to speeds up to 60km/h!

Save yourself!

Second, using your front to carry school supplies uses more energy than your back. You think about it, students have to got from class to class each day on a daily schedule. Believe it or not, carrying your school supplies can actually damage you spine! So I suggest you buy the SupKet right NOW!

Learning and your energy

Learning is essential. It's what gives us the future adventure. With students using all their energy in carrying the school supplies, students use 40% of their energy. And to have good learning, students must have a lot of energy. And if they walk home, in total, the student uses 70% of their energy each day just to carry their school supplies to school, from school, to classes and EVERYWHERE!!! But with the SupKet, it makes it much easier. The SupKet allows the student to use his/her back and front and the whole body to carry the school supplies.

Good organization

Also, the SupKet is a great way for organization! Using pockets, holders, it makes your life more organized so you won't have to worry about lost school materials anymore! Why not buy the SupKet today?!

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Ages 12-18

Just Perfect

This product is perfect for kids in middle school and high school. Specifically, ages 12-18. Why? As you get older, there's more homework, more supplies needed to carry, and students have to survive that for 7 years! Think about it, everyday, going to school late and walking or taking a car. Then you run to classes with heavy school supplies. Then you don't have enough energy to even learn! At the end of the day, you'll be so tired, you just want to plop on your bed and fall asleep. And that is a good explanation why teens and early teens like to sleep a lot. Also, early teens and teens are really busy like I said. That's why they tend to forget some school supplies or lose them. With the SupKet, it benefits the student to be more organized thanks to the pockets and the holders. Buy the SupKet for a change! This is your only chance to survive 7 years of tiring loads of homework and school!


Awesome features

The SupKet has many features. For one, it has a back pocket for your school supplies. On the sleeve, you have the pencil holders also used for pens too! Instead of grabbing your pencil case and opening it, just grab it from your sleeve! It also has robot arms so that you don't have to reach to grab the supplies in the back pocket. How this really works is that you have a button on your wrist that says 'talk'. Press it and say what you need. After that, the robot arms will respond and get you what you need. The SupKet also comes with a waterproof function. Instead of flying in the rain, after you press the 'water' button, it will automatically cover your supplies with waterproof material. How great is that? And plus, the SupKet also has wings! That's right! FLY TO SCHOOL! You get to school fast, without polluting, and you don't get tired! So why not buy the SupKet today?


In conclusion, buy the SupKet! It's Eco-friendly, easy, fast, durable and it comes in different designs! So are you tired of heavy school supplies? Are you tired of getting to school late? Buy the SupKet today!

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