Self-Paced Professional Development Course

What is Blendspace? How can I use it to enhance and transform my classroom?

Blendspace an easy-to-use, free, program for curating a lesson or collecting multi-media resources. Your Blendspace can include videos, websites, images, and files (pdf's, Google Docs, etc.) It's a great way to bundle together everything you'll want to use to teach a lesson or an easy way to get students to the resources you want them to use.

Makes a great eLearning Lesson platform!

TES Teach Quick Start Video

Self-Paced Training

Things to Read and Watch

If you are building a lesson for one of our eLearning days, your first step is to make a copy of the eLearning Lesson Template in Blendspace.

  • Follow this link: eLearning Lesson Blendspace Template
  • Login to your Blendspace account
    (Login with Google if you don't already have an account)
  • Click "COPY"
  • Rename the file to the title of your lesson.

Make a Copy (Blendspace)

Adding Content

Editing & Inserting Text (Blendspace)
Inserting Files (Blendspace)
Inserting Links (Blendspace)
Inserting Images (Blendspace)
Inserting Videos (Blendspace)
Recording & Inserting Audio (Blendspace)
Getting the Share Link for Your Lesson (Blendspace)


Create a lesson or collection of resources in Blendspace!

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Rachel Porter

I'd love to help you become more proficient with Blendspace. Contact me with questions specific to your classroom!