Why should you?


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What happens to the things you throw away!

Most of our trash goes to places called landfills. A landfill (or dump) is a low area of land that is filled with garbage. Most modern landfills are lined with a layer of plastic or clay to try to keep dangerous liquids from seeping into the soil and groundwater supply. There are problems with landfills. More than half of the states in this country are running out of places to dump their garbage. Because of the unhealthful materials many contain, landfills do not make good neighbors, and people do not want to live near them. One way to get rid of trash is to burn it. Trash is burned in a furnace-like device called an incinerator. Because incinerators can get rid of almost all of the bulk of the trash, some communities would rather use incinerators than landfills. But, leftover ash and smoke from burning trash may contain harmful chemicals that can harm plants, animals, and people.
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Every day we should do these things!

1. Good for our economy

2. Creates jobs

3. Reduces waste

4. Good for the environment

5. Saves energy

6. Preserves landfill space

7. Prevents global warming

8. Reduces water pollution

9. Protects wildlife

10. Creates new demand

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Guarantee to help save the world we love and live in.


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