England immigrants

A long journey

Here are some country facts

England is a beautiful place here are some facts about England .

One reason is that they wanted freedom from a British ruler and a religious ruler .

Some of their clothes are jeans , tee - shirt and shorts .

Some foods are cunsine via , chicken tikka missal

Music is folk , classic and many other styles .

Some interesting facts are England is 74 times bigger than the U.S.A

And that England is 2.5 times more than Australia

England shared a close relationship with the Romans

Now I will tell you about the traditions the had they had fish and chips on Friday at school to celebrate royal celebrations

And their language is British

Their population their now is 51,000,000

Immigrant facts

When did the British come ? They came in the the 1700's How did their families travel ? Their dad came first to make sure it was safe had food and a house . Where did the immigrants settle in ? They settled in California , Asia and Europe .some interesting facts are about the country are England is bourderd by scootland by the north of the Wales , England is the sencond largest econemy of Europe and England is the home of the world's largest financial center .some hardships were that the boat was crowded and not much food and horrible jobs.


some famous people are Queen Elizabeth ,   Prince Charles ,  James Watt In 1707 Scootland and England and England mereged to form The English were the ones to establish clonies of the united states .


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