February 1, 2016

Leader in Me/Essential 55 Time

Our new structure begins today! Please let me know what time you will be doing your LIM/E55 time with your class. I would like to be there to support you and the students whenever possible.

Requesting Time Away from Work

When you complete an Absence from Work form, please go into the HR system to request that time off as well. When I am looking over the paper copies, I am also approving in the system so it is all taken care of at the same time. I want to ensure payroll is accurate. Thanks so much!

Grade Level Meetings

This week we will be joined by Theresa at our grade level meetings to take a look at FIM data. She and I were able to meet last Thursday to look over how things are going - and they seem to be going well!

Reminders for the Week

This Week: Snapshots & Typing Due

Tuesday: Mentor Meeting 4:20pm - 5:30pm

Wednesday: Late Start in the gym at 7:40am