Japanese Imperialism

By: Cole, Ben, and Brayden


Japan wanted natural resources and power. They went after China and Russia. Japan practiced imperialism throughout Asia in the early 1900’s. Japan also had land of French, British, and Dutch. Japan practiced imperialism by controlling its neighbors. By the 1980s Japan was considered as one of the great economic powers of the world. As we can see the Japanese Imperialism did not only affect Japan.


In 1894-95 the Japanese engaged the Chinese in the Sino-Japanese War as they sought natural resources. and trading rights mainland Asia. This made conflict in Russia in 1904-05 started the Russo-Japanese War. They won both wars and surprised the world when it happened. With 1905 treaty of Portsmouth, Japan got Chinese port city rights. Korea became its protector.

Taking Over

Japan took over many of their countries for the resources. They also needed more people and more power so they can take over more countries. The more power they have the better off they are. The Japanese became very powerful because of the imperialism. They took over a lot of the most powerful countries.

Asian Responses to Imperialism: Crash Course World History #213