Bedford Primary School Library

November Newsletter

Book Checkout in October : 910

Congratulations to Ms. Musgrove and Mrs. Roberts' classes for winning our November contest!

Reading Goals!

Yes! If a student takes an AR test and passes it, or you take a test as a class, it will already count as a book for the Making Tracks in Reading goals for the month! Please don't record it twice!

Accelerated Reader is set up to use!

If you need help teaching your class how to sign in and take tests, please send me an email! I will be glad to go into the computer lab with your class and help for the first time. We will be going over this in the library in the coming weeks, and I will be making an info letter to send home. Please keep me posted about any problems you have with AR so I can update it quickly.

I will be putting AR Quiz numbers on the back of the books in the coming weeks so students can easily access the quizzes!

Some ideas for how you can use AR in your classroom:

1. Students can take tests on any student or home computer by going to the red Web Links and click on the AR logo (the blue background with a white feather). Or there is a link to AR in the shortcut folder.

2. Sign in is the student number and bps password.

3. You can take a test on the SmartBoard as a class if you sign in with the teacher name (for example, Padgett) and log in bps.

4. You can send students to the library to take tests on the computers in the back of the room in the morning, or during library time.

5. They can take tests in the morning or during reading groups on either the ipads or on the student computers.

I have pulled books for you!

In the rack by the door are books about:

  • Christmas
  • Communites
  • Fractions
  • Movement
  • Maps
  • Senses

Please save toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper rolls, paper towel rolls! I need them for upcoming Makerspace Projects!