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February Newsletter

Preferred Customers...Have Perks!

Happy February!!!

If the thought of starting your own business has been dancing through your mind lately....now is a great time to ask...Ask ...ASK ME about RF...there are some wonderful new incentive programs just announced this month! I've packed alot into this months edition. Learn 'My Why', discover what product this month's drawing is might get you and learn about the fabulous Macro - E tool!

As my biz grows, be assured that this newsletter will always have ALL the information you need to get what you want out of your Rodan + Fields Skin Care journey! Scroll through, give a read and FB message/email/call me with any questions! Thank you for being a loyal customers. It is an honor to do business with each of you!

Is this your month to receive a Auto Replenishment? Not sure what to do? Just follow the directions below!


As you all know...my biz RUNS and GROWS on referrals. Every month is a great month to take advantage of my PC Referral Rewards Program. You love your R + F, then why not share what you love with others and Send them to me. You will get rewarded!!!!

For each referral that enrolls as a Preferred Customer you get a punch on the card pictured below. Get yourself 4 punches and that equals $80 dollars of free product for YOU as a huge THANK YOU from me! FREE PRODUCT!!!!! So send me your referrals and lets get more people loving the skin they are in! Several ladies are already working on their first $80:)

For each referral that joins my R + F Team as a Consultant with a biz kit well... that is 2 punches..DOUBLE the rewards! I was recently asked, 'Hey Al, but who are you looking for when it comes to building a team? What type of person?' Well, anyone with skin of to start with of course...but here are some great questions to ask your self. If you or anyone you know fits this description...send them my way! We have a fabulously supportive team!


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Product Spotlight: Macro -Exfoiliator

Each month I'll be spotlighting a few of our products...there is so much that RF offers!!

This month..another tool: The Macro Exfoiliator

•The Macro- E is used 1x a week and is a deep exfoliator, removing 5 million dead skin cells and the top layer of dead skin.

The Macro E will gives results similar to what you would see with a professional tool at a Dermatologist's office or high end facial treatments: overall brighter and more even skin texture. Even better, after using it, your skincare products won't just sit on dead skin, they'll penetrate to deeper layers, giving better results.

And you might just have a bit less dust lying around! Because...The percentage of the dust in your home that is actually dead skin cells is approximately 75% to 90%. Ick!

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Great, But How Do You Use That THING!!!

Check out this video:
REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator Demo Video

I have a question....

"What's the difference between the Clarisonic and the Macro-Exfoliator?"

BOTH are great BUT they serve two TOTALLY different purposes.

Simply put...

•The sonic brush is used daily and its purpose is to get rid of debris and makeup ONLY.

•The Macro- E is used 1x a week and is a deep exfoliator, removing 5 million dead skin cells and the top layer of dead skin.

So...one sweeps and one vacuums...

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My Why!

How did I become a consultant…it all started when I began to notice that my skin tone was becoming dull, uneven in tone and less firm. Marks left from occasional acne were taking longer to go away and my wrinkles were getting deeper and Deeper and DEEPER! I had no real skin care regimen and had seen Rodan + Fields (RF) products floating around on Social Media for over 2 years, but it was not until my friend Mimi Graniero reached out to me in the winter of 2015 that I finally took a closer look at RF.

Since February 2015, I have been using Reverse Regimen in the AM, Redefine Regimen in the PM, the AWESOME Multipurpose Eye Cream, and Soothe 1, 2 and 3 on my mild psoriasis. My husband was stunned at the immediate difference he could feel. With consistent use of the products my complexion has brightened, acne scars are disappearing, and my wrinkles and pores are less prominent. The best and most unexpected result for me: the almost complete resolution of my mild psoriasis when I consistently use Soothe 2 and 3. It will never go away, flair ups will happened…but I now have a steroid free product I can use more than several times a day to help alleviate the unsightliness and pain of my psoriasis.

Now...I am a Social Worker by trade. I am also a Military Spouse (my Marine and I have been with one another for over 16 years) and mother of two, an 9 year old boy and 6 year old girl. We are always BUSY! And awaiting our 6th set of orders!!! As an Active Duty Marine Corps family, we move a lot! Maintaining momentum in my original profession has always been a huge challenge, let alone maintaining a full time, traditional job while effectively being a single parent to our two children for large stretches of time due to the demands of my husband’s work schedule. So, with our 5th move on the horizon, it was time to say goodbye to my 7th job, pack our family up and move on to the next adventure.

Now, before I tell you anymore, I need to tell you this: I have never so much as sold a Girl Scout cookie... In. My. Life. NEVER. I am not a salesperson by trade. Honestly and truthfully, I had the belief that I was type of gal who couldn’t sell bottom shelf Tequila, during Happy Hour, in College Town, on a Friday night, in a Mexican Restaurant. NO JOKE! So having tried the products for a month, staring down another move and at my husband’s urging I FB messaged my friend and fellow consultant Mimi saying ‘Hey…I think I might what to do what you are doing… but I have a lot of questions...A TON of questions!’

She and her sponsor entertained every manner of question that I had…and a week later…I was in! And they are still entertaining every manner of question I have!!!! I have learned so much over this past, almost year! I continue to be able to help others by ensuring that they love their skin. I get to work with dear friends who support me and have made this whole experience fun. I now have the freedom to work from home, build a new skill set, contribute to our household income and have beautiful skin. It’s a Win – Win!

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PC Giveaway: Peptide Powder Drawing!

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Place a Qualifying PC order of $80 and get your name entered to win RF's Peptide Powder! You know you have wanted to try some!!!!

'Perfection is a process. When it comes to achieving healthy, clear, foundation-free skin, even the most rigorous clinical skincare routines take time to show results. That’s why we created a new treat and protect product that offers both immediate and long-term skin-enhancing benefits that work with any Rodan + Fields Multi-Med™ Therapy regimen. Infused with patent-pending RFp3 technology, ENHANCEMENTS Mineral Peptides SPF 20 supports skin’s resiliency to environmental aggressors and irritants and provides sun protection, while light deflecting minerals immediately even skin tone and reduce redness. Available in Light, Medium and Bronze shades'

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